Woodstock Tree Service Provided By Tree Crews

We have a live office staff. As funny as that sounds most companies use and answering machine or voice mail. Our North Atlanta tree service company located in Woodstock Georgia has has about 17,000 tree service customers.  Your neighbors and my friends have used our tree service for over twenty years, we believe this is because we spend all the time a person needs so that we can understand their needs.  Of course our tree service company is fully insured, for your protection! Although our people sleep, there is an emergency service number 678-777-7878 live 24 hours a day answered by our most experienced staff members who can commit our equipment and crews immediately. Yes can leave a message at the office at 770-479-9611, but we answer this live during the day. 9:00 to 5’ish.


We have great workers that care about the customers.  We know “tree services” and do it all.  We know how trees live and die.  That allows us to do quality tree work that does not harm the tree. You can hire hard workers that work hard at damaging your trees.  Most mean no harm, but even if they harm your trees by accident, your stuck with it.   Fair pricing for work that leaves your tree healthy and you safe that is what we call “tree service”  We offer commercial and residential tree services throughout the North Atlanta area but our tree company is based in neighborhoods within 25 miles of Woodstock Georgia since 1996. There is nothing you can ask our tree service company that we can’t handle: Your necessary tree work, clearing dangerous trees, working around power lines, and grinding stumps are part of a days work for us. Our professionals are equally at home performing standard jobs, like tree removal, tree trimming, and debris haul off. We do small jobs and large jobs.  Our team has grown to over 5000 fully equipped crews during times of disasters covering thousands of square miles on a daily basis.  We have not been asked to do a job that was to large for our tree service experts. We’re sure our seasoned tree company will more than fit your needs and your budget if your currently looking for tree service! Our teams have helped in tree removal and trimming trees for over 20 years, and that is not combined years of experience. LOL!  Working with a full-service business like ours means all your tree service needs can now be handled by a single tree service company. If you want to redesign your landscaping, we can eliminate unwanted trees, stumps, and shrubs quickly redesign the landscape. And should disaster ever strike we do a lot of emergency tree service work.

Even our Tree Service Experts live locally around Woodstock

Tree Crews customer

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Being local means we are known locally. Here is a local deputy sheriff telling his experience and his neighbors experience working with us. Being local allows our tree service to provide same day next day service within 25 miles of our office. Excellent equipment and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our tree service company works hard at this. We equip our tree service experts the best professional tree service equipment. Training help us provide you the customer with excellent tree service and an enjoyable experience. We can tell you exactly what you need to do to make sure your trees stay healthy and thrive in our local Atlanta metro  climate and terrain. When our North Atlanta tree service professional offers you tree service and advice, he will explain what his advice is based on. Having the experience that comes from providing tree service locally make a difference. .

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You might notice that our tree company can price most jobs right over the phone. You can also get your tree services scheduled immediately! We have seen it all before so with the right info from you you can have a quote just that fast. Simply measure your trees at chest high all the way around the tree and we can help you from there.  Pictures are helpful. Our tree service industry experience is different than most so we can help you differently. Our tree company will send just the right equipment to provide the tree service saving you time and money. If your searching for a tree service, look no further. Don’t take our word for it, watch the videos made by our customers. These reviews online or ask one of your neighbors if they were satisfied with our tree service and the way we handled their property and tree removals!