Hello my name is William Lombardo. For over 20 years I have work with trees and the outside world.  Unless you have met me, it will be hard to put into words the passion that flows out of each inspired thought, and into each creative step we will take together should we meet. Some say I have vision. Some say I am artistic. But EVERYONE says I am passionate. I am surrounded by a team of incredible experts. My short BIO

This is a famous tree I helped preserve after a hurricane damaged this park in Orlando Florida.

I love old world Europe. My family still has a home in Tuscany and have lived in that home for nearly 400 years. There is an awareness that come with that kind of heritage. You start to see that the things you do should continue on after you. The decisions we make today can be discarded tomorrow or they can be a landmark of beauty for generations to come.  Therefore, as it relates to the trees, landscape, and wildlife surrounding you everyday, it takes this kind of sustained thought to create a place where you can experience it and  feel it even more than you can see it.  I help make natures invitation clearly seen.    That is what I do. 

I am a proud member of the QDMA

People said life was moving to fast when they added the jet plane, and yet it got faster with the fax machine, and yet faster still with email until once again we are talking on the hands free speaker phone so we can text with the right hand a drive the car with the left. No wonder we miss out on the dancing leaves of a maple.


My commitment is to create a re-connection for you to the simple partners our earth has to offer in the plants, trees, birds and bees which go unnoticed around you every day. My work can best be summed up in the sentiments of visitors that experience my surroundings as they step into my “back yard therapy” as I call it. “Its like being a million miles away in your own back yard.” Others have said it “feels” yes “feels” like “home.” I am UNINTERESTED  in trimming your trees and pruning your bushes. I am on the other hand VERY INTERESTED in setting the nature, landscape and forest around you free to reach its genetic potential and present itself as means of stress relief and visual therapy for you, your family, and all those that you share it with. We will have to trim your trees, cultivate your forest, and prune your bushes to do that, but with that as a goal I am willing to engage.  Thanks for taking a moment to know me.

All my best until we meet.

William Lombardo

This is a famous tree I helped preserve after a hurricane damaged this park in Orlando Florida.The oak tree is very healthy.  It is actually growing along the surface of the ground. Wow!

People come from all around the world and take their picture here with this tree.

A Sour Wood in my back yard

A Beech Tree in my back yard