Tanya Lombardo, CEO

CEO Tanya Lombardo and her son Giancarlo

  1. We give a Firm Price.
  2. We are fully insured
  3. We have fantastic Customer Endorsements and References
    Tiger is a local Deputy Sheriff. He is big but he’s not scary. What a nice guy! He was nice enough to hire us to do his trees then refer a friend. Then he did this testimonial. Thanks Tiger. Your Great! 🙂 Play the video and he will tell you about Tree Crews himself.  You will be 100% satisfied. “OR” we work at it until you are happy 100%

For more customer reviews click here. To get an estimate click here.


  • Our experienced staff gives accurate information.
  • We are insured and our work is performed safely for a damage free job.
  • We are authentically insured. Meaning that we are not using state law loopholes to get insurance certificates to show our customer that are worthless. Ask for details.
  • Our website is a “Live Information Site” Simply ask a question (Leave a Response, bottom of page) and we will post an article on the site that will answer your question and benefit you and the next customer.  You may find your question has already been asked. Go to Customer Questions.

Thanks for your time,

Tanya Lombardo

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