This tree trimming customer wanted to trim the limbs up very high above the roof.  I explained that a healthy lower canopy catches falling limbs that come from the top of the tree thereby protecting the roof.  So I suggested that we trim enough limbs off to provide about 10 feet of clearence.
The tree looked great when we finished and the home was protected against  limbs that were “too low” rubbing  the roof, as well as keeping the lower canopy to catch falling debris when possible. This is what we refer to as Risk Management Tree Service. We hope you benefit from our website. We want to help you do the right things for your trees not just do anything. Don’t expect us to be an “order taker”, rather expect us to give you the best advise for you specific needs. Each tree service situaton is different.
Before Picture

We trimmed this tree to give the house some space from this massive oak. The first 3 pictures of this large oak are before shots. This tree was to thick with sucker branches inside.

Before Picture

You can really tell a difference in this tree after we trimmed it. We call this an interior thin.  The tree picture below is an AFTER shot.

The sucker limbs have been trimmed off.

If you click on most of these tree pictures they will enlarge and show you more trimming and pruning detail. This is an After shot of the tree. Notice it still looks like a natural tree without some of the congestion.

This is a look up a into the canopy of a large oak tree that has been trimmed. Interior Thinned is what we call this service.