Mr. Turner,

  After speaking with Steve Carroll many times, I am getting a picture of just how important a visitor’s experience is when they come to your property. When I consider the caliber of the visitors and their ability to further earth’s conservation, anything less than an inspiring experience would be a missed opportunity to encourage them to support your mission. I have one of the the best teams of experts to support you.  I have put the following presentation together over the last few weeks and many, many hours.   Dr. Karl V. Miller of The Warnell School of Forest Resources,  Brian Murphy the CEO of Quality Deer Management Association and myself (William Lombardo President of RMDS) have discussed the property in Roswell Georgia and are willing to donate 1 day of our time as a team to meet together on the property. This would allow us to prepare ourselves to give you some feedback based on an actual onsite visit. We would also be prepared to discuss your vision and mission for this Georgia property as well as the details of how we can support you and Mr. Carroll in reaching your goals. If you simply want me to thin out some of the pine trees or if you want a beautiful forest habitat, all of my work will be done with wildlife in mind. I have many inspiring things to share with you.  Lets start now with a brief and simple overview.

Respect is “the value you see” in the contribution made by others and other things. Honor is “the way you behave” toward the thing you respect because of the value      “you see.”

  For a man who experiences outdoors the way you do,  I welcome the opportunity to share with you the fruitage of my 20 year study focused on creating “conscious” re-connections “to” and “through” and “with” living things.

My work commitment as it relates to your properties, is to create a re-connection for you to the simple partners our earth has to offer us – plants, trees, birds and bees, that so often go unnoticed around us every day. Then its my hope that you will share this experience though your properties. After looking over my ideas for this property I hope you feel we are worth a try to provide tree services and land beautification. So lets get started.


William Lombardo

This presentation is comprised of quick navigation hyper links, many photos of your property (and some that are not), a simple video of your property outlining a proposed scope of work. There is also a video at the very bottom of the page that logically discusses the next step.  You can call me at anytime. My Name is William Lombardo. My direct cell phone number is 678-777-7878. You can continue into the presentation or allow me to introduce myself.

My conservationist approach is in unison with the words borrowed from Mr. Ted Turner. (click to see)  I support those words and the noble objective with a team of passionately committed experts that are personally invested in the good stewardship of our trees, land, habitats and animals that we work with.

I understand that to entrust me with something you care so much about, it helps to know what I value. Therefore, I site a recent conversation I had with Claes Nobel. It was regarding Earth Ethics. Mr Noble and I found that we share a common view. (click to see) 

I present to you an approach to conservation I call “Forest Beautification”.  Forest Beautification flows from a respect for the contribution that each living thing makes, which cumulatively produces what we refer to as a Forest. I assure you that my staff and I can and will produce the most beautiful habitat and inviting forest you can experience given the canvas that we have to work with and the budget considerations. My clients would assure you that along with my staff, we are the most effective team in the country for revealing natural beauty in a way that appears unaltered yet encouraged.

I would like to mention some of the things we consider when working on a forest and trees on a property like yours.  Before working on your trees or making final recommendations we consider the intended use of the property. To start with, here are some of the basic considerations that go into creating a finale scope for a project.

  1. Deer Habitat and Tree Management 
  2. Deer Herd Management For Georgia

We know that trees are a vital part of wildlife support.  When hardwoods are mentioned in the context of wildlife management, the main topic of discussion is usually the fruit that hardwoods produce.


This video is unlisted on Youtube for your privacy. There are no pictures or video of your structures located on this property. In case you missed the hyper-link to click and see our  team of experts here it is again.

I am the camera man I and I have never worked for CNN. I am an ameture using YouTube. Therefore you will need to TURN OFF THE YOUTUBE ADVERTISEMENT TO SEE THE NOTES I ADDED TO THE VIDEO>

First some of the charming characteristics of the property, Then we will look at some improvements. I realize that we have not created a shared vision yet.  During this phase I am working to open up our minds to possibilities. Any of the ideas can be scrapped or altered. As you can see it will not be an issue of a lack of ideas or our ability to implement your vision. Once I get your feedback to this proposal I will be enabled to align my skills and talents to that shared mission.

A Beech Tree's Seasonal Color and Layered limbs- simply beautiful.

This tree is actually the tree in the picture above. It will show better after some thinning.

This tree is actually the tree in the picture to the left. It will show better after some thinning.


The window into the woods. If we clean this up a little it will really shine.

This area can be both functional for the wildlife and intriguing for visitors. If we entice the visitor then we can commit the person.

Beech tree multi-trunks



Magnolias do well in shade or sun., so this little tree can be beautiful over time.

This is a risky way to manage the debris. Cutting  Greenwood Creates an attractant for Pine Beetles. For a long time it has been known that both red and black turpentine beetles are attracted to resin- even to fresh paint thinned with turpentine.  The cutting of live trees is not recommended during the period of June through September. Cutting during this time may attract beetles to the area, especially if the slash and/or wood are to remain on site.

Dead trees on the property provide habitat for a variety of wildlife, but cutting green wood and managing the debris this way needs to be thought about carefully.

Thinning about 30' of the edge of this pine thicket could make the grass appear to have no end wrapping around.


This road is tight and in a good way, it feels like you are on a "road less traveled" and you're going on an adventure. Using the transition concept on the sides will increase the invitation and anticipation.

This road has a very exclusive and private feeling. If you have made it this far you are one of our friends. That feeling can be maintained, but we still can transition the sides to make it feel more natural. The scrub within 7 feet or so on both sides of the road can be thinned to enhance the anticipation of what is to come. It takes 100’s of small impressions to create a dramatic memorable experience.

A team of passionately committed experts.