Only a handful of tree care companies in the country truly perform interior thinning as it should be done. I provide this clear definition for a tree owner to understand and know what we do. At the bottom of the page the customer that owns the tree below describes the work we did in his yard and how we changed the views.
To interior thin a tree means…

We will leave the tree with a more park-like appearance. Revealing the internal structure or natural form that the limbs create as they grow to support the upper canopy. The tree then becomes a major dominate fixture that can help set the tone for the tree-scape. We will thin out the small “sucker limbs” from inside of the canopy and remove some less dominate limbs to provide visual access to the interior of the tree. This is usually a very impressive view. We will leave some so that the light can filter in for additional food production. We have this great partner tree service Winston Salem for more options available to you now.

This is a Box Elder Tree that we interior thinned

We interior thinned this Box Elder tree in the winter. (the tree above and below are the same tree) This picture lets you see the branch structure. This tree will have a lot more texture and compliment the view to the house much more so. The reason is you will be able to see threw the lower part of the tree and into the rest of the canopy. This tree was loaded with dead limb material.

(Box Elder Tree) This is a picture of a small sun spot that we placed in this canopy to help illuminate the interior of the tree. We were careful not to over do it because you can burn the bark sometimes.

The Box Elder tree in the picture below has not been interior thinned.

The owner of the property describes what he likes about the improvements we made while he was out of town. The trees he talks about in the video located on the side of the house are seen in the picture below the video.

Trimmed and sculpted trees

Side view