We are going to improve the sence of invitation to this home

We will be giving this house the WOW effect by trimming trees and removing bushes

This client has a lot of development experience. I was brought in to give the home owner a fresh set of eyes and to inspire their thinking. The result was “exciting” to put it in their words. 

We are planning to install a path in the front, trim some trees, remove some bushes, make the house seem bigger by lowering the highth of the shrubs, install some mulch, and move some bushes.  This is going to be fun.

We trimmed some minor branches in this photo just enough to let the house peek through. We are going beyond the typical tree service approach, but that’s why they agreed to invest time with me. This photo was taken on our first visit.  The real work has not begun so I still refer to this as a before picture.