Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning

One of the smartest things you can do to improve your property is to have your trees trimmed by a professional who has been trained and educated about the best ways to prune trees. There is a right and wrong way to trim trees. Done correctly, trimming a tree can be the best treatment to cure an unhealthy tree, or to reduce the risk of a problem tree harming your property or people.

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Reasons for Pruning a Tree

Reasons why tree trimming is needed include the following…

Trim to beautify the tree. Many of our customers are amazed when they see the difference tree trimming can make on the appearance of a tree. Trees are more beautiful when they are shaped and thinned to remove the insignificant small branches, opening up the tree to showcase the shape of the major trunks. At right, are photos of our crews trimming trees on golf courses to open them up and make them more attractive.

Pruning improves the tree’s structure, health and future growth. Many times trees have structural problems, such as limbs that cross, rub on each other causing bark to break therefore increasing the risk of disease infection. Sometimes too many limbs grow in one direction, causing the tree to lean and risking it to topple in a storm. By removing many small and unneeded branches, the tree can focus on strengthening the important limbs and root systems. A properly thinned tree is better able to endure periods of drought, the weight of snow or ice, and heavy winds during storms.

Control the tree’s size by tree trimming. Trees that grow too large for their space not only look unattractive but harm your home’s curb appeal. Trees may grow into each other, affecting their health.

Trimming can minimize harm to people. Trees with dead limbs, low hanging branches, or other problems need to be trimmed to keep them safe for people to be around.

Pruning can minimize damage the tree might do to your home, business, cars, utilities, other trees, etc. Trees with limbs that rub against roofs and buildings can damage them. Branches near utility lines during a rainstorm can cause electric arcs to spark up to 10 feet, creating a fire or power outage. Trees leaning toward your home, business, cars, swimming pool, etc. can topple during wind storms. Situations like these are avoided by tree trimming now, not after a disaster strikes.

Reduce damage by diseases and insects by pruning away disease or insect infected branches and leaves. Trimming is one of the best ways to help a tree survive these problems.

Improve a view by pruning. As trees grow too large, you may lose your beautiful view of a valley, hill, lake, golf course, sunset, or other scene. Tree trimming can restore your vistas.

Trimming can increase sunlight in your home or business. Homes with dark rooms are uninviting to home buyers, so tree trimming can open up trees to allow more light to enter windows and glass doors.

Provide more sunlight for grass or other plants. If you have a bare spot in your lawn or garden due to too much shade, or too much competition for moisture from tree roots, then tree trimming can be the answer.

Trim trees to remove a traffic safety hazard. Overgrown trees can block sight lines to make it hard to back out of your driveway or business.

Increase fruit production or flowering by pruning. Tree trimming the right way can make a flowering tree more beautiful, or enable or pear, apple or cherry tree to produce more fruit.

Tree Trimming at Golf Course
Tree Trimming at Golf Course
Tree Trimming at Golf Course
Tree Trimming at Home