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My father started his tree service in 1961; he taught me well.

Why do most people call a tree service?

  • You have a dead, dying, or diseased tree.
  • You want a tree service to trim a tree away from your house or just to make the tree look better.
  • You wish to save a tree and realize that it needs a tree doctor (arborist). If you do nothing, you worry the tree will have to be cut off by a tree service, possibly leaving it ugly. (But not us — we don’t make ugly trees.) For help avoiding UgLY tree work contact us here.

So let’s talk a little about dead trees…

Diseased, dying or even dead trees are the main reason our tree service gets called to come out and take look at the possibility of cutting down a tree. If your tree is in fact dying, dead, or diseased, the tree then can become a hazardous tree to the home owner because the tree has potential to fall on the home owner’s property, or even their neighbor’s house.

If the tree service has identified the tree as a high hazard tree, generally its structural integrity has been compromised. As you would hope, our tree service will take special precautions to protect the people working on the tree. I say hope because hope is something you wish for that is backed up by a promise. You have our promise to work safely. Click to get a quote.

Our tree service can come and give a free tree evaluation on whether the tree is a high hazard tree requiring tree removal, or if it’s not. If our tree service decides the tree can be saved we will tell you. If the tree needs more than a basic evaluation and FREE estimate, you can schedule an appointment with our Master Arborist. Out of the tens of thousands of tree service providers and 20,800 certified arborist in America, there are less than 300 “Board Certified Master Arborist” in the entire United States.  To schedule a consultation with a Master Arborist call 770-479-9611. There is a fee between $150 and $200 for his consultation.

For this conversation, assuming tree removal is needed, and our free estimate from our estimator on the tree or trees is agreed upon, our tree service will come to your home, and cut the tree down carefully, avoiding any accidents or further damage to the property or the tree.

What if you have an injured tree and you want our help?

Minor injured trees can be treated and many heal themselves. All injuries are not the same; simply the location of the injury can determine if it can heal. Some injuries are like losing a finger in a saw accident and some are like you shot the tree in the heart. (figuratively speaking)

Trees that have major injuries usually have to be cut down when the tree has lost its structural integrity. Our tree service is very experienced with dealing with injured trees.

Tree Trimming

That is an art. There is passion and there is procedure. Passion with no procedures can turn a tree into a stick. Procedures with no passion can make a tree look like a lollypop. The proverbial “tree of shame” We are absolutely, positively Passionate Artist with a Plan and a Procedure. All of the trees we trim are amazingly beautiful. To contact our tree artist click here.

Raising the Canopy on your Tree – When we trim trees our crews follow a standard trim process that leave the tree reasonably balanced. Meaning that the limbs are trimmed up the trunk to the about the same height from the ground. Most of the time trees will look their best from one particular viewing point. We try to make the best choice over all. If the tree is against the house we may trim the house side differently.

Deadwooding your Tree – In this form of tree trimming, we remove only unhealthy branches. This should be done as routine maintenance. We remove all tree limbs that have died or have disease. We also remove tree limbs that are too close together or with attachment points to close together. To arrange for service click here.

This is how your tree job begins…

Tree Risk Assessment

When a tree service sends a tree crew to your home, it is vital that a risk assessment is conducted by the tree crew before work begins. It makes no difference if it’s tree removal or tree trimming. The tree service crew should take into consideration the site conditions, the location of the tree, and the overall condition of the tree.

Our tree crew develops a work plan that will address all identified risk and puts that plan into action for tree removal or tree trimming. The job site foreman must assess the site and the plan for tree removal before the work begins, and the tree crew must take an active role in being aware of the tree site surrounding, watching for any unforeseen hazards.

Risk Assessment Item One

For more consistent and predictable results a structured approach when judging if a tree will fail is recommended. Refined tools and techniques are readily available to all arborist needing to qualify and quantify both visible and hidden defects. When assessing a tree it is vital that all trees that will be used for climbing or rigging be included in the tree assessment. You may wonder what it means if the trunk flare and root collar is buried, it could indicate a grade change? You may find that some situations where we require an excavation to expose the root collar. If you’re not using tree service and they do not have a policy in place for the tree to have the root collar exposed you would want to use other assessment techniques for what cannot be seen. To get started with a tree consultation click here.

There are simple assessment techniques that can be used on the tree. For example you could use the technique of sounding the tree with a rubber mallet. By using this sounding technique on the tree you may reveal hidden defects in the tree. If there are detectable problems it might be a wise decision to drill in the tree with specialized 1/8” diameter drill bit to assess interior wood to reveal more data regarding the decay in the tree. You should drill about 12” into the tree.

Communication of Risk Item Two

You may wonder what type of communications has been shared with the tree service crew before arriving at your location. Usually nothing! It is vital for the safety of everyone involved that pre- work job briefings is held at the beginning of each day as well as each job site. We provide a clearly typed work order that each tree crew uses to determine what is known about your job and what is to be done. Every tree service crew member must participate and be clear on what is to be done. What seems obvious to one person may not seem obvious to the others on the crew. The tree service crew will be informed of particular risk they may face on each tree job, and a plan for safety is put in place for each and every tree job. It may include details as specific as which rope to use in the tree. It is reviewed again as the conditions of the tree job change.

Some of the questions reviewed and answered regarding your job:

  1. What known hazards if any exist at the site where the tree is being removed? In addition to what the estimator sees during his evaluation the tree service crew should do their own inspection.
  2. Are there any tree defects? Will the tree work methods need to be adjusted to keep the crew safe in light of the tree defect? 3. Are there any electrical wires running through the tree or above the tree, or any other structures that may be directly or indirectly contacted while removing the tree?
  3. What protective equipment will the tree crew need to protect themselves or other structures? Special insulated saws, a crane, or a tag line used to guide the branches that are coming down. A tag line is not a lowering line that slowly lets a branch down. It is an additional rope that moves the branch side to side while it is controlled by a lowering line, to avoid contact with some object.

Risk Mitigation – Item Three

Once the discernible risk have been identified and communicated to our tree service crew, the tree crews are prepared to minimize the dangers they will have to face. That is just one of the benefits experienced from the implementation of risk mitigation processes. There may be times that it is necessary for our tree crew to perform advanced rigging or other specialized work procedures, but often it is a simple adjustment that is needed.

A good tree service always needs to create a work plan for each individual tree removal. Tree crew members have unique skill sets that need to be used at very specific times during the job. This will not happen safely if there is not a work plan and if the workers are not synchronized. For example a technique for one tree crew member may be reasonable, while to another tree crew member it could cause a potential accident. This is simply because the worker may not know every vital step to implement. Weather conditions must also be considered. Most trees on a calm day would be fine to climb, while some trees blowing in the wind could create a dangerous situation.

Tree services that build a strong foundation of assessment skills can give you peace of mind when deciding who to hire for the removal of your tree.

When hiring a tree service there are some simple points that will let you know if you are potentially hiring “Mr. Disaster.” HERE IS ONE

Properly cared for rope will provide safe reliable protection to save your roof from falling branches a tree service cuts over your roof. BUT over time and with the repeated shocks and friction it receives while providing tree service, lowering limbs and sections of tree trunks, it will need to be retired or redeployed for less critical tasks. Protecting it from dirt, debris and weather, and always checking for damage is what we do. Not inspecting your ropes and working with old tired ropes is courting disaster. As any rope is stretched and re-stretched it becomes weaker. What started a rope that could handle 5000 to 10000 ponds could brake under a 500 pound load. Recently a champion professional climber decided to climb one day with his favorite, old ropes. It literally resulted in him falling. To give you a comparison Home Depot sells rope that is the same size as our professional climbing ropes and it is rated for 525 to 1150 pounds. The minimum standard for a climbing rope is a half-inch diameter line with a minimum 5,400-pound capacity. The ropes we choose are rated for 7700 pounds on average and up to 15,600 pounds. More than you would care to believe people providing tree services use that Home Depot junk. It’s junk when you are protecting peoples’ lives and property. It’s great when you are tying up your dog. Did you know that tying a knot in a rope can reduce a rope’s strength due to tight bends, upward of 50 percent? Rope makers say that is one good reason not to exceed a work load limit of 20 percent of a rope’s stated strength.

I always love a salesman that tries to sell a customer on the statement “we have insurance.” My answer is “so”. That is expected. What I want to hear is that they use safe strong industry standard ropes that don’t break when properly used and that you will not be using the fancy insurance on my house. Having insurance is not the reason to hire a particular tree service. Hiring a tree service that has taken all of the proper precautions to “insure” that they don’t use their insurance is a reason to hire the tree service. Ask your estimator any one of these questions and see what you get. How often do you replace the ropes used to protect my house? (Right answer – 6 to 12 months WRONG answer “I don’t know”) Where do the ropes that are going to protect my house get stored? (Right answer – enclosed tool box away from gas and oil in a clean dry place. WRONG answer “In the back of the truck or I don’t know.”)

The environment can attack the rope, as debris cuts into the fibers, or over time, as sunlight and ultraviolet light weakens the rope reducing the stopping capacity. The rope can break over your house. Our tree service has racks that hold the ropes away for other things in the tool bins as well as special protective rope bags. We inspect our ropes during the day, not just before starting work. Things happen! Don’t find yourself a part of a jack leg tree service joke. “When does the boss retire a rope? When it breaks.” Remember those who fail to plan, plan to fail, or in this case plan to fall, on your house.

Summary of our Tree Services

Our Tree Crews provide tree removal, trimming and everything else to do with trees. No tree removal or tree trimming job is out of our capacity. We provide a well thought out service and offer competitive prices to remove or trim your tree within any budget.

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We want to service all our customers with excellent customer service by providing quality tree service that is based on the standards established over the decades of professional tree care. Our tree crews will perform your tree work with minimal impact to your lawn or surroundings. We are proud to provide our tree service customers with excellent references and testimonials. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free tree report and estimate for tree removal, tree trimming, and other types of tree work. is committed to providing our customers, superior tree service at a cost effective price. Our pricing can meet any budget, for all type of tree removal.

Your satisfaction is assured before we leave. is fully licensed and insured. We are fully equipped to meet and exceed your expectations in a tree service company. Our tree crews are available 24 hours for emergency service & hazardous tree removal.

Our tree service office staff can assist in handling all insurance claims.

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