If you are visiting our site, you are probably here to obtain information about tree removal services. When you ask a tree service, “Does this tree need to be removed?”, how will they answer. Is removal the only option? Here is a little about how we decide:

There is a difference between conservation and preservation. We support the idea of conservation as active management. We are presenting preservation as saving everything regardless of possible dangers- letting nature take its course in the name of preservation. Our tree service professionals feel that purposeful management is the respectful way to maintain balance in the environment.

A tree may be ugly, but it might hold up your bird feeder in just the right spot in front of the window. On the other hand the beautiful tree that holds up your bird feeder may have a 30% to 50% rotten cavity in the base and lean toward your 7 year old child’s bedroom. Tree Conservation would keep one of the trees and Tree Preservation would keep both trees. Thats how we see it- the two sides of the issue.

At the 44 and 45 second point and the 118 seconds point of the video below, you will see a biologically healthy tree that has a structural defect.

The co-dominate nature of this tree coupled with the evident decay made this tree a tree that a conservationist like ourselves would suggest for removal although we would hate the loss of such a pretty tree. If this tree was on a hill away from people that may walk under it. We would likely suggest keeping the tree as a beautiful back drop in a scenic view. Remember these three things.

Is there a target or traffic for the tree to impact?

Is the structure of the tree stable?

What is the stability of the soil?

We at TreeCrew.com would like to share some of our thoughts so that you will know how we think when you call our tree service to look at your tree. This sums up our thoughts. Below you will find some of the reasons why we feel this way.

What benefits do we reap from the trees around us? In the long run how valuable is that seemingly unsightly tree that we have been glowering at, seeking its destruction?

Whether you are a business owner, or a homeowner there are various factors that you should be aware of, when considering tree removal.


Environmental Benefits-

Excerpted from seedlingsrus.com

Blue Spruce Wind Break

Trees provide oxygen and maintain nearby ecosystems. They save the earth from pollution by decreasing electricity and gas usages in accrued by companies and homeowners. Air conditioning cost is lowered by the shade provided by trees. Heating cost is likewise lowered when a windbreak is present. These factors allow power plants to burn less fuel, operate less cooling towers, which ultimately conserves the environment as a whole. It may only seem like a few dollars in interim but in the long run trees can amounts to thousands saved. In that aspect you can really state that “money grows on trees”. Trees clean the air and create oxygen. The average tree produces 260 lbs. of oxygen every year.

Psychological Benefits-

Haven’t you noticed the refreshing properties that trees bring to the human psyche? In urban areas architects plant trees near large skyscrapers and structures to offset the concrete jungle. Trees can be a vital marketing tool for the business owner, using trees to attract the consumer to a refreshing environment as opposed to a dull sea of endless gray cement.

Geographical Benefits-

The Bradford Pear is beautiful but its also brittle

Keep it Beautiful. Keep it Trimmed

Pretty tree

Make the city pretty

Trees provide natural protection from wind, precipitation, as well as erosion. They form barriers that preserve the habitats that they surround, generating a healthy ecosystem.

Trees can be your greatest asset, whether it is to attract more customers, or simply to create a picturesque landscape. But the trees around us must be cared for with a careful methodology. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you save your trees.