I begin this overview with this picture, because it really highlights the main issues in the yard as far as safety goes.  After speaking to you I got the distinct feeling that you feel it is kind of pointless to protect a house and endanger a child.  Therefore, as this picture demonstrates, I have pointed out some of what I call imminent issues. I feel that the yard clearly needs safety trimming in addition to the removal of some dead trees and lightning struck trees. I have not photographed every tree.  

Trees that are to be trimmed will be marked with green dots and trees to remove will be marked with orange paint.
I will address safety first then beautification. There are captions at the bottom of each photo. Please notice blue hyper-links that take you to additional information. The summery is at the bottom.

This is a view that shows the overall threat from the dead limb hanging over the play area.

When we offer expert advise we follow the widely accepted standard that prioritizes risk as follows.

  1. First we evaluate the volume of traffic near the hazard. That can be cars or most importantly children playing.
  2. We look at the structure of the tree.  Is the tree or branch dead? Has part of the branch already failed as is the case with this limb above your play area. This proves beyond all doubt that failure is eminent.
  3. Third we look at soil condition as it relate to the failure of an entire tree.

Note that the limb over the play area has already broken once.  Our proposal is to go through the back yard and safety trim the trees inside the fence area.

Notice this dead limb hanging directly over the soccer goal where the kids play. As shown in the large view.

If you look closely you can see that the ends of the branches are flat.  That means the small growing branches have already died and fallen off.  The next thing to go are the larger branches.  In the middle of the picture you can see a large piece has also broken. The cost of removal is nothing compared to the cost of loosing something more valuable in the yard.

This tree is very dead and will absolutely fall soon.

The picture below is the bottom part of the above tree.  Notice the damaged fence.  I wonder what fell on it?

This is the bottom of the dead tree. At least 75% of the tree is dead. Maybe all of it.

This is another of many dead hazardous limbs. Its about 20 plus feet long. Looks like a pole.

More broken branches

This tree has been dead well over a year.  The top is just laying in the tree next to it.   This is a high hazard.

This is the dead tree in the front yard. There is a top currently supported in the adjacent top. It could fall at any time.Now for some fun stuff. I suggest reading my bio at this point. It will help explain the appoach I will take when it comes to impacting the asthetics of your home. William's Bio Now this view could be beautiful. I will explain our beautification process below this picture.

The picture below is an area we can really bring to life. If you want to skip my bio you can, but if you want to know why some of the worlds most famous people trust me to beautify their yards, then take a minute to read my bio. It explains my approach. William Lombardo Bio.

Now this view could be beautiful. I will explain our beautification process below this picture.

Here is what one client said.

“Forest Beautification” is what I call the work I do with the natural part of your yard. It helps create an inviting place for you to come home to. Click on this link for an in-depth explanation of how I would select the optimum way to present the trees in this picture and enhance the front yard.

The magnolia tree below would really look striking if we interior thinned it. It is more like a wall of green at this moment rather than the show piece it could be. Are you having fun yet. 🙂 To learn about interior thinning click this link.

This magnolia tree is the center piece of your yard. I will explain below what we can do for it.

This area will make a nice path to a sitting area by the creek. We could put a mulch path and sitting area.

This will be cut to the ground using a special cutter head that grinds it and leaves it looking nice.

The picture below is another beautification area.

This is an area that we can beautify.

This giant rotten and leaning tree should be cut down. The top is likely to break first before the tree falls over.

This work and the other trees on the left side of the of the house that we originally looked at total $6000. I have offered you a $1000 discount on this project. That makes the finale cost $5000.

This work DOES NOT INCLUDE the bonus mulch for the rear path and future sitting area BECAUSE the time has passed for that bonus offering.

There are 7 total trees that are to be cut down.
4 trees are in the left front coner of the house.
1 is a dead pine pictured above located on the front right of home.
1 is a large dead hardwood located on the back left of the property just outside the fence (shown in picture with current damaged bent fence)
1 is a large leaning partcially broken tree shown with currently broken bridge.
The resulting debris will be removed.

The ballance of the job is forest beautification, underbrushing, and cutting paths on the back side of fence. There will be $2500 due at the end of the first day and then the balance of $2500 will be due upon completion. The other cost you have agreed to reimburse is for the cost of the large 6×6 beams to allow us to cross the creek. We expect to need 6 beams.

We will mark the trees when we come to do the job. I would like to do a second walk through while the crew is there and discuss the paths and forest beautification together.