The beautification work for this photo will consist of trimming the lower canopies to improve the view and clean up fallen trees and branches. This area will be cleaned up. The green trees in the center will be removed at Mrs. Wu's request.

Mrs. Wu would like this area thinned out so that the beech trees and larger trees have space.

The leaning maple will be removed. It is causing the grass to have problems from competing roots.

This tree needs dead dangerous limbs trimmed.

We will raise the lower limbs providing a better view from the house and increased light to the grass.

This debris resulted from a top of a tree that broke. The tree is out of the picture to the left. Both the standing broke tree and the debris will be removed.

The tree in the center is actually just a pole. the top is laying on the ground in another picture. REMOVE this tree.

Trim off lower limbs

We will reduce the limbs out of the beech. This leads to the garden area where more safety pruning and tree removal is needed.The huge tree in the far right of the picture has dangerous limbs hanging over the garden area, therefore it needs to be safety trimmed

The pine tree and the medium sized hardwood are to be removed they are competing with the garden.

There are a lot fallen limbs that need to be cleaned up. Also there are some small trees that should be removed to provide space and more openness to meet Mrs. Wu's goals.

There are trees that are growing close to the home that if trimmed away now, will help prevent squirrels from getting on the roof or limbs from reaching the roof for many more years.

These 2 trees are to be removed at Mrs. Wu's request.

These limbs can be trimmed back from the home or the tree can be removed.

This tree is to large for Mrs. Wu. I recommend replacing it with a snow fountain cherry. The cost to replace the tree after we cut it down is $300.


The tree is a mature snow fountain cherry. It grows differently that the tree you have now. It will fit in the space correctly now, and as it matures. S0 that you will not have this same problem in the future. Notice how the tree grows narrower.

This tree would look better and provide some more needed light. We plan to trim the tree. After all discounts are applied. The total project as described will cost $5000 if done now at this time of the year. There are some trees that were shown to me after I had priced the job. They are located at the street outside of the yard that can be added for $200 each.


If you want to move forward on this. When we come back.

  1. We will mark the trees with orange pain that are to be cut down, including the small saplings / smaller trees not shown in some of the pictures.
  2. The tree we will be trimming will be marked at the ground with a green dot.
  3. Although the installed landscaping is not featured in these photographs it will be trimmed or pruned.
  4. The debris will be cleaned up and removed from the property from everything we trim or cut.  You may want to keep some of the mulch to use in your garden, on paths, or areas where you want to reduce weeds.
  5. There is an area by the front steps that we will prepare for  Mrs. Wu by removing small rocks that we can reasonably clear out so that she can plant in that area. It is about 60 square feet.
  6. We will supply some premium brown mulch to cover the dirt around the front left area where the cherry tree is to be removed.