Hiring a tree service? Choose wisely.

Before you get your first estimate to have a tree removed or trimmed. Forget about the tree for now, let me quickly educate you with REAL video. Lets give some thought as to how to pick a tree service to protect your house without getting killed.

There is an old proverb that says, “My people are dying for there lack of knowledge.”
Here you will see some tree removal with no plan. A Risk Assessment Plan should have been discusses in detail with the crew before they started. Warning This Dangerous Real Life Experience produced some adult language in the video.

There are many videos on this page just keep scrolling down the page.

Would you like to get 3 to 5 estimates and hire the tree service that seems priced fairly in the middle?
Do you really think that is the best way to determine if a tree service is “Professional” and “Safe”? Watch these videos and then watch our safety training and crew videos before you decide.

I have been told by many customers that “as long a the tree service is insured, I don’t care how they cut the tree.”But don’t you care if the way they cut the tree crushes a hole in your house or smashes a vehicle or deck? Don’t you care whether or not they use basic safety procedures? Do you know what those procedures are? Honestly I don’t feel like I am going out on a limb” to say that most homeowners reading this don’t know what procedures are required for different situations. Now this is a company that hope had insurance. Notice that there is NOT a rope securing the tree. What happened here? The canopy was not balanced as it seldom is. Once the tree started to move the unsecured tree changed directions.

This rope is to short to pull this tree! My question is how does he not know it? It is what we know at TreeCrew.com that keeps you safe.

This top was way to big. What is worse, the ground crew did not allow the top of the tree to “run” as we call it. To let it run means that as the top of the tree is falling you allow it to fall and tighten the rope while the rope is sliding through a friction control devise. This process happens very quickly acting like a break to slow the falling top. This prevents the slapping the climber around as seen in the video. The other possibility is if the top does not clear the climber it can kill him, because it can hit him. They say this was a professional. I can tell you that it was not a trained professional. We don’t do tree this way for this reason as you will see.
So you think a dead hazard tree can wait to be removed. Well someone waited to remove a small birch tree. See what happened! Then decide.


This man may have been paid as a professional tree trimmer but he was not trained as a professional uses a latter the way he did. Wives don’t let your husbands do tree work using a high latter.

The crane operator appears not to understand the weight of the tree. When he was lifting it he let it move quickly which increases the downward force artificially increasing the weight the crane has to hold, or in this case NOT hold.  We at TreeCrews.com have a chart that tells us the weight of the tree based on size and specimen. There is an old proverb that says, “My people are dying for there lack of knowledge.” Its how we do your job that make the difference and make you safe.

The father in this video was known for working hard.  He owned his own restaurant. His wife and two children were not at home when he borrowed a latter from his neighbor and proceeded save some money cutting a tree himself.
Do you have a tree that you think you can remove yourself. Please consider what happen one Mothers Day to a mother. I ask you to consider watching this video first.

Doctor Miller killed in tree accident 8 May 2010 cutting a tree himself

All I can say is that this shows how common people make mistakes attempting to do what they don’t know how to do.

Here is another “good idea” gone bad.  Remenber its the way we go about cutting your tree that is different and that is why we are a safer plan.
See how this doctor died. He was not a tree doctor.Man bleeds to death from a chainsaw cut he recieve while cutting a tree at home.
So you have a landscaper or handyman that will cut your tree down cheaper than a real tree service professional. Well watch this video and then you can decide what deal is the best deal. I bet the guy has insurance. Remember its how we do it that is different.
You have some limbs that need chipping. Is feeding a chipper for you. Should you rent a chipper or call TreeCrews.com?
If you don’t have a strong stomach you should consider skipping this video and go to the another one. Is renting a chipper to chip up some trees really your cup of tea. Watch this then decide if we should help you.  If you knew what we know you could do our job, but likely you don’t. Being safe its cheaper than the medical bills.
VIEWER WARNING There is visible blood.
This guy is available and he has very low prices and uses rented equipment. He claims his prices are lower because he does not have the same overhead.  The truth is the thing he needs the VERY MOST is something “over head.”
Tree service owner dies

This happens a lot. It not a freak accident.

Remember we do you tree work differently.

Killed cutting a tree into sections.

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