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Stump Grinding, what to expect from stump grinding. What do you need to know?
You need to contact the Georgia Utilities Protection Center or call 811 for free underground utility locating and marking before we can grind your stump. If another company says this is not required, well that will reveal how little they know.
Tree stumps are ground 4” to 6” deep below the ground unless you ask for it to be deeper.  This does not mean that we will not grind them deeper some times but that is the guaranteed depth. We can go up to 20” deep.
Is it better to leave the stump or should it be removed?

If you can put mulch on top, then you can just cover it.  If it’s a pine stump I suggest removing the stump if there are other pine trees in your yard because it can attract pine beetles due to a chemical released from pine stumps. It is up to the customer to decide to have the stump ground. We do provide stump grinding services. We accept no responsibility for beetle infestations. Grinding the stump is suggested in the following situations!

  • Is it in a lawn area?
  • Are there horses on the property?
  • Did the tree have beetles?
  • Is it a pine stump around other pine trees?
  • Is it a trip hazard?
  • Is it a type of tree that will re-grow from a stump?

Grinding is optional.

  • If stump is in a natural area.
  • If you don’t care.

Grinding is NOT suggested.

  • What about utilities?
  • Are you putting a slab over it? We suggest digging it out completely.
  • Is it close to another tree’s roots?
  • If it is not accessible.

How much of the stump is to be ground?

  • Just the stump.
  • Or include the surrounding roots growing out from the stump.