Georgia State University scientists supply our laboratory testing and reports. We can have a master arborist write the prescriptions for your yard.  Only 1% of the certified arborists in the United States are Board Certified Master Arborist. Since our costs are so reasonable, why settle for average when you can work with the top 1% in the nation.

This small investment prevents you (or us if you have us maintain the yard) from putting to much of the right things in your soil and working against the success of you plants and trees.

Nitrogen for example might be the right thing for plants in general, but many times it will over stress your lawn, plants, and trees if the conditions do not require it.  How?  By driving the growth when perhaps the plant should be mainly growing roots.

For this reason we write a prescriptions for your soil. You may have heard it said, “A hammer thinks everything is a nail. ” We would like to suggest hiring a hammer to pound your plants and trees. Instead, hire a Master to make it grow. click>Is this what you want for your plants and trees <click

An investment give you a return. Let us help you make informed desisions. If you care for your yard yourself, you will still benefit from our help.

We do this so…You can watch it grow.