Our team has 16 identical trucks in our fleet. Plus more subcontractors.

This is the truck that moves the big trees.  This picture was taken while working at the Carter Presidential Center pulling a tree out of the lake.  The President had guest coming from all over the world in 3 days.  So we had to get the white oak tree out, grind the stump, plant a new tree and re-landscape the area. Well we did it and we did not tear up the grass. Oh we pressure washed the walkway so it was perfect for his guest. This truck can load and haul anything that you can pick up by hand, tree limbs, stumps, logs, refrigerators, microwaves, Tv’s, and more.  That is no joke.  After hurricane Katrina we first picked up the trees that were piled at the streets, then we pick up what are called white goods.  White goods are appliances that have been storm damaged in one way or another.  FEMA would then instruct us to separate the materials and take them to a disposal site.


This truck hauls the same amount as 2 full size dump trucks.

The right equipment helps get the tree job done.  It would really hurt your back to lift those logs, ask me how I know… every time I used to put those big logs like you see in the picture and put them on my shoulder it really hurt, that is until the boss decided to get this truck I need to tell her thanks.  It helped a lot, plus everyone said I was showing off picking up those giant logs.  So if you have a big tree  job call me at 770-479-9611 or tell the office you need the big Mack truck. After typing as much as I have I sometimes get a little humorous.

Our Grapple truck working at President Jimmy Caters Center