When you need a wall but don’t want a wall. Here is an idea for an edge of a patio.  Let say that you don’t want someone to step off of the edge of a patio but you don’t want an expensive wall. This will be the best smelling wall you have ever been around.  There are no thorns so you can bump it or press against it as a boarder plant without any bodily harm. It does not grow too tall, but if there is a 1 to 2 foot drop off by the patio then this will end up being just about the right height.  The other good thing is you can trim it down to a specific height with ease.  It should grow to about 6 feet high.  If you have a 2 foot drop then you you have a 4 foot hedge with out trimming it. I like multiple textures. There is a way to liven up the texture by mixing the plant types.


The plant below is a nandina. The great thing about it is that it’s beautiful natural without being trimmed as shown in this picture below. If you want to, you can trim it to boxy or smooth hedge if you like.  If you find out that you trimming skills are no good then leave it alone and it will return to its natural shape again. It will then be ready for you to try any new skills you have learned since the last attempt. Then again, you could take the easy way out and do nothing.

 [gview file=”https://www.treecrews.com/divi/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Plan_for_John_Culligan.ppt”]