Beautiful Pine Tree we trimmed and beautified on Lochinvar Golf Course located in Houston Texas. We became prefered vendors after this job for the Jack Niclaus Design Group who were the designers of this golf course.

Beautiful Pine Tree we trimmed and beautified on Lochinvar Golf Course located in Houston Texas. We became preferred vendors after this job for the Jack Nicklaus Design Group who were the designers of this golf course.

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Pine trees have certain chemicals in them that require specific processes to be followed when you remove or trim them. Mainly due to beetle infestation issues that kill trees. If you happen to have one on your property, then don’t hesitate to call one of your local tree services to get an inspection. 

Property safety is another important reason why regular tree trimming is necessary. Trees, like human beings, are made up of thousands of living parts. Trimming one part, while keeping the others in good working order, can prevent unwanted growth and injury. As the tree matures and starts to break through the bark, the branch’s shape also gets more intricate, which can lead to serious injury to any young part that’s being trimmed.

Tree Trimming Basics

We’ve talked in a lot of detail about cutting a tree, and now we’re going to break it down into a series of easy steps. First, let’s take a look at the most common types of tree trimming.

Cuts and Sides

Cuts can be made from the tops, lower branches and middle branches. The top and lower branches are called “top cuts” and are used when a tree is young, growing thick, and growing slowly. These cuts are done in conjunction with side cuts, which are made between the main branches and trunk. When you cut a tree, you are creating a new branch. It’s very important that the new branch isn’t cut too close to the old one. When a tree is new and growing from its root in the ground, its new branch can grow up and over the old one. The bottom branch is called “bottom cuts” and is used to cut the old top branches down from their main branches. Once the tree is grown to an appropriate size and has enough time to be shaped into a pleasing shape (the branches that grow around the tree can grow to be quite thick), the top branches are cut down to make space for the new growth.

The growth of a tree depends greatly on the kind of soil in which it grows. Tree roots must have very good drainage to survive. When the roots are too wet or the soil too dry, the tree begins to die. When the soil dries out, the tree dies.

Once the tree is cut down, the trunk (the largest part of the tree) must be cut back to expose the root system. This is one of the most important parts of the tree’s life cycle. When you cut down a tree, the trunk is exposed to the air and weather. If it is left exposed too long, the tree will die. As soon as the tree has stopped growing and becomes an adult, it will need to be cut back to expose the inner tissue. The outer woody growth is now ready for cutting down to grow the tree again. Once the outer woody growth has stopped growing, it will no longer receive sun and will turn to the dead wood in the trunk. As time goes by, a trunk that has been cut back will naturally die and will die out. The first cutting of a tree will likely be done on a tree that needs little or no protection to be safe from the elements. Trees that are very heavy, as well as large and old trees with few branches, will be treated with the same diligence and care. The second and third cutting will be the most difficult for the tree. They will be done at intervals over a period of time as the tree takes in sun and is prepared to survive. The best time to begin is when the tree has only one or two shoots out of the crown. If you choose to cut it back, then the first cutting should be done when the woody branches of the outer branches have stopped growing, the tree is still very light, and if possible,

Pine straw forest after we mowed and replaced the pine straw

Pine trees

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The most important aspect of the service is the way you handle the resulting debris.   This can affect the health of the remaining trees in your yard.