How do we do it, with a machine.

You can buy straw by the tractor trailer load from us shipped nationwide.
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We have a 500 bale minimum to blow in pine straw.  A typlical job is 1386 to 10,000 bales.

Pine Straw and Mulch Delivery Largest Truck We have Smaller Ones

Pine Straw and Mulch Delivery Largest Truck We Have Smaller Ones

These picture are actual picture of the pine straw we installed at Lochinvar Golf Club this was over 1,000,000 square feet. No pictures have been modified this is the real deal.

CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGEPine straw Large scale installation

Why our installation is the most beautiful of all and is the most economical installation process.

Pretty pine straw

This is the machine designed for blowing pine straw.


5 minutes after the Pine Straw was blown in. Its PERFECT!! We have a video of this picture. The man is about to perform the golf ball test of perfection. Immediately when we are done you can roll a golf ball on it. Unbelievable.


We installed 1 million square feet plus at this location. About 10,000 bales.

Why we are faster

Because we blow it in with a machine.