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  1. What is the mulch network?
    • The mulch network is a group of mulch distributors and manufactures around the country that we buy mulch from when we get mulch orders that are too far away for us to deliver. If you sell mulch either wholesale or retail we would like to buy some of your mulch for our customers that are close to you. If you fill out the form telling us what you sell then we can buy it.  Our orders are prepaid by credit card then you can deliver it or our customers can pick it up from you.
  2. Why would I want to join?
    • You should join because we have received a call from a customer that you did not get. We sold that customer mulch. You will never sell that customer but you can still sell us the mulch. Therefore we can send you business that you otherwise are loosing to another vendor in your area. If you don’t join we may be forced to deliver the mulch ourselves to your area if we don’t have a supplier there. We would prefer to resell your mulch when possible rather than drive our mulch to your area. So go ahead and join us. Its free and its extra business for you. 🙂
  3. How does it work?
    1. We take the order for the mulch.
    2. We collect the money.
    3. We send you an order by email or fax.  It has all of the information you need including the color of the mulch, if it needs to be delivered, or if the customer will be coming to your location to pick it up.
    4. You call us or email us with a confirmation that you will supply the mulch and have the materials in stock.
    5. We give you a credit card over the phone and you are paid immediately.
    6. Then you deliver the mulch or wait for the customer to come to your location with a purchase order that matches the order we have sent you. You will have already been paid for the order. All you have to do is load their vehicle and collect the order redemption form from the customer and have the customer sign the form showing that you filled the order. Then simply fax it or email it back to us.
  4. What do I need to do to join?
    • Simply fill out the form here telling us what products you want us to sell. Then we will call you and discuss any other questions you may have.
  5. Does it cost to join?
    • NO.  It cost nothing to join. There are no fees of any kind.
  6. How does the mulch network make money?
    • Once you fill out the form telling us what products you have that we can sell our customers we will call  you and discuss the price you will sell it to us for. The price you charge us will be less than we charged the customer. That difference is how we make profit.
  7. As a member can I buy mulch from ?
    • CheapAtlantaMulch is a mulch manufacture. We recycle trees and recycle wood chips into premium mulch.  So if you need to buy mulch from us we can supply you in bulk if you need a supplier. Our minimum order is 25 cubic yards per delivery.