Before we replaced the pine straw

Mowing sticks and pine cones into nothing, this improved the nutrient cycling and made the ground smooth for new straw.

We have what we need to do the hard jobs and get the mess cleaned up. We had 25 acres for forest to mow. Why? Well we wanted it to be pretty, and we did not want to take away all of the material that is returning to the soil to help the trees.

Most tree services would never own this kind of diverse equipment, but we like to be prepared to get big jobs done fast and effient and we want it to look the very best it can.  President Bush played golf on this golf course and so did Tiger Woods.  One of the members said it had never looked as good as it did when we were finished. This was just after hurricane IKE dumped 10,000 cubic yards of tree debris all over this course.

There were truck loads of sticks and pine cones.  So we decided to get some super tough mowers and special cutters to do the job.  What happened was all of the limb material and pine cones were recycled directly under the trees and that help increase the nutrient cycling for the soil and trees.  It also made it very smooth. It did not damage the roots of the trees by using the common method of pushing root rakes across the ground to gather the sticks and small tree branches. A root rake would brake some of the surface roots vital for the trees. Also when you look at the pine trees below and how nice the pine straw lays under the trees it simply looks beautiful. The mowers will also mow the grass on the edge of the golf course grinding pine cones and branches as it goes.

Pine straw forest after we mowed and replaced the pine straw