Loader that does the work of 4 men and doesn't get tired

Saving cost is what this is for

See how we can move the logs but we are not destroying the ground. This machine is light and small.  When you need to move some heavy logs over a long distance but it will be to expensive to use hand labor, ask for the Man Multiplier. It is able to drive on lawns, side walks, between bushes, through the woods, up ivy covered slopes, and narrow paths.

We can move rocks, trees, branches, dirt, mulch, or just about anything you can think of.  I is great for making long trails through the woods so you can walk and see the natural parts of your yard. The idea is to have the right tree service equipment to do the job.  This is normally for golf courses and we thought if it was good enough for them then it was good enough for our customers who wanted us to get a tree job done efficiently but did not want giant equipment on their grass. That about covers it for this piece of equipment. Call us now at 770-479-9611 and we will do your work efficiently.

Tree Service Men Working