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Here are some pictures from my site visit to Magnolia Park. Followed by some recommendations. Many people call us when they find that they need to “solve yesterdays solution”. That is the case with these cherry trees. Someone planted a tree and then instead of proper pruning that would have trained the tree to grow itself away from the structure and tall enough to improve the view of the home. They cut it like it was a common shrub to reduce its size. The result. Wood fungus and short term dense over sprouting of branches that will have a rotten branch to grow on until they break.

Hello my name is William Lombardo. Unless you have met me, it will be hard to put into words the passion that flows out of each inspired thought, and into each creative step. Some say I have vision. Some say I am artistic. But EVERYONE says I am passionate. I love to old world Europe. My family still has a home in Tuscany and have lived in that home for 400 years. 

I am UNINTERESTED  in trimming your trees and pruning your bushes. I am on the other hand VERY INTERESTED in setting the nature and landscape around you free to reach its genetic potential and present itself as means of stress relief and visual therapy for you and your family. I will have to trim your trees and prune your bushes to do that but with that as a goal I am willing to engage.

All my best until we meet.

William Lombardo


This fungus only grows on decaying wood. The wood is dying at every bad cut around tree. This is a direct result of bad trimming. This page is to clearly show that the decision hire a tree service that would allow incorrect pruning has shortened the life of the cherry trees and has started the trees down an irreversible path of decay and future failure. It also made the tree grow limbs like a broom. TreeCrews.com suggest we do things a little differently.

We need to do some corrective pruning at the very least or you can consider a new tree, or keep it until it breaks apart over time.



This tree is in the process of decaying.

Notice the tree below has the limbs trimmed up from the bottom. If this is repeated over a few years the tree can grow with the leaves and branches higher producing a clear view under and through the tree.

The left side of the Magnolia needs to be trimmed to fit with the Little Gem below.

Lower canopy is growing into tree below


This is a Little Gem Magnolia an is a smaller tree and will do fine if we trim the tree above it.

All around the property the trees and shrubs need to be maintenance trimmed away from the buildings.

This tree could okay if we trim it off of the building.

This type of Holly grows to big for this space. That is why someone has cut the top off resulting in an ugly shape. The poor choice in plant type for this location causes extra maintenance and it will never look right.

These plants grow to be 3 feet tall each. The sign will soon only read "Magnolia" The acorus grass was a great idea but there are too many too close if you want the area to have texture which will make it stand out a lot more. We can fix this. The yucca is in the wrong place. This can be fixed by transplanting. It just shows a lack of understanding of the goal of showing off the sign in a complementary way. This sign can be made to stand out a lot more while creating a softer appearance. I would brighten up the sides. See the plant below.


These would require ZERO pruning and could replace the bland looking dark shrubs that are currently to the right and left outer edge of the brick sign above.

These will not out grow the space. Require not trimming. They grow about as tall that the sign pillars.


This can be improved a lot.

I recommend a weeping blue atlas for this fence line. I will show you how in the next picture.

This could grow the full length of the fence.

This can continue to widen out along the fence line and create this beautiful drape.

It can grow wide along the fence if you like. I think it would amazing and unique.
It can be the new weeping fence line.
The tree would require about 3 minute per year of pruning time and would be very striking. It would match nicely the non weeping blue atlas that is to the right of the gate.