PLEASE NOTE: That there are many unlisted details that go into a beautification project.

I have broken this down into some general categories. As you personally witnessed and experienced as you worked with me on the camellia, it was the cumulative effect of the little things I did, and my team will do, that will make the big difference in your properties value. With that thought in mind, I barrow this fitting quote. 

Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle.” 

A line items pricing may be a result of group pricing. Some items may be deleted without changing the quoted prices per item. The pricing of other items may be affected. Please ask your sales person for specifics. Risk Management reserves the right to change the methods of service without changing the cost as long as the same work standards are met.

1) Mulch Mulch -“” – 2 1/2″ Brown.                      20 cubic yards installed              $1250 – 20% = $1000 

This is the view looking down on the mulch.

Mulch looks great and last.


Delivered and Spread.  The mulch last 3 times longer than pine straw. When you freshen it up it only requires about 60% as much material because there will still be mulch there. It reduces weeds by 75% guaranteed or we will come spray your weeds next year for free. Your Mulch will be delivered as scheduled and placed in the driveway area agreed to by you and Risk Management. Risk Management will then spread the mulch in the agreed locations. The quantity of mulch will be delivered in cubic yards The number in the QTY column is the number of cubic yards you will cover up to 3360 square feet at a minimum of 2 to 3 inches deep.

2) Oak (Red) 18-20 Cut Down – 18″ to 20″ inch diameter                         1                                                         $1000 – 20% = $800

This tree is located in the back yard near landscaped areas and it leans toward the neighbors property. The tree will need to be climbed and cut into sections not to be on the neighbors property. It will be marked with orange paint.

 The oak is dead and infested with ambrosia beetles <click for more info>  treat the immediate surrounding trees as a prevention. 6 trees   $150  – 20% = $120    that is $20 each

 The tree needs to be cut up into smaller pieces and moved out without damaging the surrounding property features.    $125  – 20% = $100

3) Feature Trees  Trim – Beautification Trimming Feature Trees $1500  – 20% =   $1200

We will prune the inside of the trees so that they look the best they can. The methods used are called “interior thinning” and “directional pruning” This allows the tree to grown for many years without creating another trimming expense. It usually last 5 to 7 years. We will also get any major dead wood in the tree. Not little stuff but any large limbs. The tree will be encouraged to grow as properly as possible. We will choose the trees that add the greatest contribution to the resell value of the home in order to capture a greater return on this investment. Some trees have true hazards these will be addressed 

Clean and beautiful


4) Landscape Cleanup  $150  – 20% = $120

Clean out all landscape beds large and small,  as needed to allow the mulch to lay flat and smooth.

5) Cherry Tree

Note: This tree is part of the Feature Trees Restoration trimming

6) All Planted Materials Prune               $2500  – 20% = $2000

Restoration trimming. Trim or prune all installed landscaping as needed. This will result in a renewed landscape without the expensive plant removal and replacement. The fantastic mature plants will look mature but beautiful instead of overgrown. Because it takes about 4 or 5 additional years to cultivate an extra large camellia like you have. Your plants a extremely expensive. Just one of your mature the camellias for example are selling for about $1200 each installed. Plants not even half the size are $200 in a plastic pot. Not delivered and not installed. When you think of the great azaleas, tea olives, etc, that you have as well as other specimens we are investing pennies in landscape restoration pruning to get back dollars.

7) Dogwoods Trim – Deadwood               Multiple trees        $250  – 20% = $200

Cut out dead major limbs from trees. Some limbs may be to small or hazardous to reach. This will lengthen the life of the tree and help prevent the property from looking in disrepair.

8) Stump Stump Grinding – Normal stump.  We will grind 1 stump.             $75  – 20% = $60

If performed with other tree services ALL OTHER SERVICES ARE DUE UPON COMPLETION. You may pay for the stump(s) separately, but you may not hold the payment for other completed services while waiting on the stump grinding and utility location service. We will grind the stump 4 – 6 inches below the surface. We use the best machine on the market for minimizing or eliminating lawn damage. It is self propelled verses being drug around with a truck. It travels on rubber tracks to cross your lawn. It can also expand for stability or shrink down to 35 inches wide for improved access. If no itemized price was listed and the stump grinding was included, then you will be reimbursed at a rate of $15 per stump. The resulting mulch will be left outside the hole. You may put it in the hole to fill it or use it around your plants. We will spread it for an extra charge of $30 per average stump and more for larger stumps. Expect your stump to be about 6-8 inches high until stump grinding takes place. This prevents our saws from becoming dull quickly. We reserve the right to not grind any stump if the operator points out a problem in grinding the stump. NO STUMPS WILL BE GROUND UNTIL YOU CALL AND GIVE US PERMISSION TO GRIND THE STUMPS. Utility location is a free service. The number is 770-623-4344, for Utility Protection Services. Utilities must be marked, LOOK AND SEE IF THERE ARE ANY UTILITIES IN THE WAY OF THE STUMP TO BE GROUND if there are utilities in the way of the stump then it can not be ground. PLEASE CALL US AS SOON AS THE UTILITIES ARE MARKED AND ALL IS CLEAR SO WE CAN SCHEDULE TO GRIND THIS STUMP. We DO NOT assume any liability for underground utilities. If the utility is marked or is not marked either way, if it is damaged it will be up to you to handle the matter. 

The size of the stump 24″.  The stump is located in woods. Red Oak

9) Debris Recycle all Debris Management

Includes recycling equipment and trucking to  $1125  – 20% = $900

Chip & Haul Away the debris that is generated from the large oak tree cut down, trees that are climbed and trimmed, shrubs removed, debris coming out of the beds, dead limbs from the trees, etc.

10) Customer Satisfaction Customer  Final Cleanup  $ ZERO

Subtotal:       $8,125.00           – 20% =          $6,500.00

Your Total Savings =$1,625.00


Total:           $8,125.00             – 20% =             $6,500.00


Tree work must be paid after trees are cut or trimmed. If there is not a line item stating that we are to grind or remove your stump(s) then there is an extra charge, and in ALL cases you will not be allowed to hold the payment for the tree work which is separate from stump work. Stumps may be paid for separately after we grind your stump(s) only if the cost is separated. Please note that we are not responsible for damage to anything not seen by the naked eye or underground utilities. After signing this agreement we immediately start the preparation for managing your job. All of our work and pricing is based on geographic distance between jobs. Your job affects other jobs, and their schedule, as well as discounts we quote to other customers in your geographic area. These are some of the reasons there is a 20% cancellation fee, if after the verbal estimate, we prepare a written estimate and you sign it authorizing work. If you have any questions feel free to call me directly at 678-777-7878. Thank You William Lombardo