It's time to go to work

Joplin Missouri:

The disaster in Joplin Missouri will require around 250 to 350 trucks plus support equipment to cleanup in a timely manor. Contractors wishing to work on this tornado debris removal can apply online and Register to work. We have an initial request for 65 trucks plus loaders right now as of 11:57 Thursday night, June 2, 2011.

Risk Management Disaster Service is helping to organize and manage the crews to move the estimated 5,000,000 cubic yards of debris. This estimate was furnished by professional debris managers on the ground in Joplin.  On June 2, 2011 the area was divided into zones and ready for crews to be assigned. There is currently one dump site located 42 miles from Joplin. There will only be a second-tier contracting arrangement. If you have 5 truck that you want to put to work but you do not own them, then here is what you have to do:  One company will have to lease all of the trucks from each owner, then all of the people working on that crew will have to be paid by Risk Management Disaster Service Inc.  You will be required to furnish your payroll to Risk Management Disaster Service each week and the certification of that payroll will be verified. It will take 14 days before you will receive a check for the debris you hauled. Then a check will be cut to you every Friday that follows.  Remember, you must have all of your paperwork in to get paid.  The good news is every truck will have a bar code on it and there is an electronic tracking system that enters all of the debris you have hauled and a paper tracking receipt will be given to you with every load.  All are required to supply certified payroll.   This should be completed in a few days.  At this time it is critical that all interested in supplying trucks and equipment for the Joplin Missouri tornado debris removal for the Corp of Engineers, need to register their equipment and resources so they can be notified immediately when the main work begins.
The search-and-rescue portion must be managed first before the debris removal can begin. We expect to arrange the crews in groups of 5 trucks plus the loading equipment. This can change.  All equipment and trucks must pass a safety inspection. This means that you will need to meet the basic DOT requirements. People working will need their ppe (personal protection equipment). There is also a safety orientation that each person must complete in order to work on the project.  This is a free safety training supplied on site in Joplin Missouri.

You must have commercial insurance on your trucks and proper general liability. If you are working with us, workers compensation will be supplied by Risk Management Disaster Service Inc.


I hope this overview was helpful. Your registration will be kept and you may be notified for future projects that need workers and equipment after Joplin is completed.

Thanks for your time.

William Lombardo
Risk Management Disaster Service Inc.