You should not assume that the statement we are insured means that all of these types of insurance are in place.  Believe it or not! (that would make for a good TV show title) Many tree service company’s only have basic auto insurance.  So if you ask, “are you insured?”, they may say yes.  For this reason we are showing you the types of coverages we have in place.

  1. Workers Compensation
    This protects you if someone is injured and it provides support to the injured worker which is equally important.

  2. General Liability
    This protects “things” like your house, car, fence, driveway in the event we damage it though negligence.

    Did they have real insurance?

    What insurance type will be required to pay for this real life damage.

See Actual Video that tells what can really happen. I bet this tree service was $500 to $1000 cheaper. That doesn’t seem to matter now.

  1. Tree Service Crushes House. Big crane operated by inexperienced people.

  2. Auto
    This covers the trucks.  It is separate from the other coverages.

Plus some other miscellaneous “specific need” insurance.

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