Hurricane Irene

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Hurricane Irene has power out to over 1.5 million customers. A pier in North Carolina was damaged. Virginia has experience damaging  wind today Saturday 8-27-2011. What will New York City experience? We will soon see.  for now the streets are emptied and subways are  closed.

Eastern Seaboard is inhabited by 65 million people just within the path of  the hurricane.  It is an amazing 500 miles across. At time the wind gusts reached over 110 mph. The 11:00 PM EDT Sat Aug 27 has the  Location: 37.3°N 75.4°W with Max sustained: 80 mph,  Moving: NNE at 16 mph, Min pressure: 954 mb

Here is a picture from outer space.

The sustained winds of 80 mph are down from 100 mph on Friday. That made it a Category 1 but a very large category 1. Its center passed North Carolina and was moving along the coast of Virginia. While it was too early to assess the full damage we will know much more in the light of day.

“We had a thunderstorm come through last week that packed a bigger punch than this system did,” Madden said.

In White Lake, Mayor Goldston Womble Jr. said a few trees fell, and “a lot of limbs” were on the streets.

“But everything considered, we did OK.”


This could be bad in New York.

“The great danger to us here is from the storm surge,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “And there’s no evidence that the forecast for that is changing. It is going to be a very serious thing as far as we can tell now.”

For the first time ever, the city ordered evacuations. That has resulted in hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers living in low-lying areas to leave.

“Irene could be a once-in-50-year hurricane for the north-east,” said Kristina Pydynowski, a meteorologist for Accuweather, who predicted “widespread tree damage, power outages and structural damage”.