We hate slow to go websites. So you will find that you can jump around to information that is related to what you are reading or viewing by using internal hyper links within the paragraphs. The information will usually open in another window allowing you to keep your place and read related info, see pictures or watch a video related in some way to where you are.

Some of our web pages have maps. <This is JUST and example of a map showing our wood mulch recycling outlets. You will see icons on the maps that you can click on.  These are usually loaded with links that are focused on more related topics or videos.

View Mulch Delivery in a larger map

Our maps may be zoomed in to focus your attention on a particular point of interest, but that does not mean that is all there is.  You may try zooming out on the map “if” you see other icons then you have found another store house of information and videos or pictures.

So you have the following tools to get around.

  1. Embedded internal links that jump quickly around the TreeCrews website.
  2. Links that Hyper Jump you to outside websites without losing your place in the TreeCrews site.
  3. Videos
  4. Dynamic Interactive Maps
  5. Subject specific links to Pictures
  6. If you have another idea feel free to suggest it. You have to admit this is a pretty good start. lol 🙂

Manager training pages

FOR THE EMPLOYER OR MANAGER. Some pages are training pages. These pages may have a test form at the end which allows you to assign employees or staff members information that would help them do their job better. For example a property manager may deal with a tree service (hoppefully it is Risk Management TreeCrews) you may feel that a basic overview of common mistakes tree service employees make would insure that the manager knows what to look for before the vendor is paid. To provide you feedback and to demonstrate that the the assinged reading was completed we made a simple set of test questions. We can provide you with an email that shows the test answers they provided. This is highly customizable so if you want something specific let us know. Ok you on your own. You  may need to brush your hair when you are finished flying around our website, that is if you still have you hair? lol 🙂