We have provided this discount tree service template to help you save money  save 20% on the cost of doing your tree work.  Please copy and paste the email info below into your email and send it to anyone that you know within 50 miles of Atlanta Georgia.  We will handle grouping the work together geographically with your friend or other customers we already have in your areas. We  have over 10,000 customers so it is likely one of them is doing work near you or your friends.  That are willing to wait a few days in order to get a 20% discount off of their estimated cost. Also if 20 of your friends do equal of more tree work than you do your tree work is FREE.  Copy the info below.


I am getting some tree work done at my house.  I called TreeCrews.com and they told me they will give you,  I and any others in our area discounts off of our tree work cost if we do our jobs together.  They said it saves them from driving all over the city each day.  They do tree trimming, tree removal, landscaping, and manufacture landscape mulch like you find at Home Depot.  So if you need anything their contact info is below.  Remember to give them your zip code and tell them you want the group discount.

All you do is call or email them and tell them you are willing to be flexible as to what date your job is done so they can do it the most cost-effective way.  They will look at all of our work and give us a group discount.

Here are two emails the office manager is Tracy@TreeCrews.com.  The office number is 770-479-9611 or WilliamLombardo@TreeCrews.com you can text William at 678-777-7878

They are fully insured. Here is their website if you want to look at it.  www.TreeCrews.com