Once upon a time Frank Weber of Tucker, Georgia had a tree. So he decided to email TreeCrews.com and see if we would help him cut down or trim his tree. Well here are the actual emails that took him from the point of not knowing what to do to being a happy client. Here it goes:

To TreeCrews.com From Frank Weber

I would like this tree either trimmed or removed. I am in Tucker, GA.
This is not time sensitive and could be done when you are less busy
(i.e. no storms etc) The tree could be left for firewood.

I appreciate your help!

Frank Weber
xxxx Leeshire Road
Tucker, GA 30084


William Lombardo of TreeCrews wrote this email back to Frank the customer to be> "If we beautified these trees, they would be spectacular. I suggest more work on some and little adjustments on others. The group of trees will look great. The entire area will cost $650. One large tree is $300 to beautify. Below is a description of what we would do. Trim Tree - Beautification Trimming We will prune the inside of the tree so that it looks the best it can. The methods used are called “interior thinning” and “directional pruning”. This allows the tree to grow for many years without creating another trimming expense. It usually lasts 5 to 7 years. We will also get any major dead wood in the tree. Not the little stuff, but any large limbs. The tree will be encouraged to grow as properly as possible." I'm attempting to invest your money in your property verses to just spend it. Trees can greatly improve the value of a home if they actually make it look prettier.

He took more than one good picture and sent it to me.

A few shots per tree is helful

Since he gave me pictures with more than one angle of the tree, I was able to evaluate the tree and price it from the pictures.

A good picture of the tree trunk helps

Tree sizes can be determined by the thickness of the trunk. FRANK EMAILED BACK THIS... "I would be interested in having the tree trimmed for the $300 you quoted. What are some dates you could come? Do you take credit cards? Thanks for all your kind help! Frank." Then William wrote back... "Yes we take credit cards. We will get it done..."

After the tree was trimmed. We gave a 3 year warranty

The tree was saved by trimming the tree and the customer got his house back. WHEN FRANK GOT HOME HE WROTE THIS.... "I just got home. You guys have done a super job!!! Thank you so much! I just tried calling the office just in case somebody was still there to take a payment, but they were gone for the day. I will call in the morning and settle up. Thank you very much again for all the great work! I would be more than happy to be a reference for you. Yours, Frank Weber"