Bradford Pear Trees Bradford Pear trees are the number 1 trees damaged in heavy rain and wind.

The Bradford Pear is beautiful but its also brittle

Keep it Beautiful. Keep it Trimmed

It is important to prune and trim Bradford Pear trees, it allows increased air flow which reduces wind resistance. How will they look in the spring? Beautiful! A great tree service that understands the unusual structure of this tree can improve the structure and keep it pretty. More on that later. The improved visibility of the trees structure and the improved ability for the tree to resist cracking and breaking from over weighted branches are the main returns on your tree service investment.

Bradford Pear trees are the number 1 trees damaged when a high wind or storm hits.  I was giving a customer an free tree service estimate one day, when I literally watched one break right in front of me during a hard rain. This is because the over growth of foliage and branches gets even heavier during a hard rain or wind.

This once beautifully formed tree can be reduced to half a tree in seconds.  Bradford Pear trees were once favored by homeowners because they grow fast and also because of their shape. Some HOA’s require them to be removed at a certain age and size.  That is rare though for an HOA to do that. I just shows how commonly the problem is understood. Bradford Pear trees have beautiful blooms in the spring, and the beauty that comes out in the Fall it noteworthy.  The joints of the tree have wood fiber growing in different directions this is a weak formation. As the trees mature and hard rains, gusty winds, or a storm hits the area, a homeowner commonly see their once beautiful Bradford Pear tree reduced to a truck load tree service mulch.

What are 3 answers for protecting and maintaining these beautiful trees? I will outline the most expensive, the most common way used by less technically trained tree services (if you have to use an entry level tree service in your area this can work its just not very pretty actually its UgLY for about 2 years), and the best way I feel trimming can be accomplished.

The most expensive solution of cabling and bracing several limbs can be quite costly and as the trees continue to grow more cabling could be required. Most of the time the Bradford Pear tree still needs to be trimmed by a tree service even though you use cables.

Another more common solution is to reduce the crown of the tree every 3 to 4 years.  Reducing the crown when the top is sheared back in an even arc. This is basically like giving your hair a crew cut. Its great for the Marines but not usually for Mrs. Jones Bradford Pear tree. Both the Marine and the tree will live if you happen to choose this style. Remember that a tree service is like a hair stylist.  One hair stylist, “Bob” cuts peoples hair 1 or 2 ways and works next to the grocery store and you can spot “Bobs” customer in a crowd. The other stylist (tree service) was trained in hundreds of ways to may you look beautiful and manages the hair for Anjolina Jolie and Brad Pit (and trees for world famous Artist Robert Rauchenberg’s estate that’s me, really! To see testimonial click here

Lastly an artistic tree service has creative talent and passion to go with the training. That’s William Lombardo sorry, had to give us a little plug, but it is true. I could not write this if I did not understand the problem in the first place and successfully perform the solution for my clients.

My recommendation is to do an interior thinning process to promote air flow, coupled with a structure reduction to reduce the weight by about 20% to 30%.  Our method of trimming the tree will leave it looking like a perfect Bradford Pear when the trimming is complete. Air will now flow through it much easier reducing its likelihood of splitting.