Prepared as an example for management companies to learn from.
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This is a customized training and support web page meant to provide a property management company like GREYSTAR with a sample of what to expect from Risk Management Tree Crews  as a class “A” vendor. We will show how Risk Management Disaster and Tree Service  thinks of creative ways to be a vendor that adds value and saves money for proiperty owners and property management companies like GREYSTAR.

(This is a link to photos of past INCORRECT tree work someone did on a GREYSTAR property>How do you know that the tree companies you hire are doing their job correctly?  The property manager in this case did not and you don’t!  

Even if you are not a tree expert you can tell that the the way the tree service left the limbs do not look neat and clean. The reality is that over time there will decay.  Some of the picture show some trees trimmed even farther back in time and the decay is alread starting on them.

 Click on this link for a video that answers the following. 1) How to use this interactive page.

We want to help your managers do the best job they can maintaining properties and not wasting dollars. To do this they need to know how to tell if the vendors did their job properly. Risk Management Disaster and Tree Service provide tree services performed properly. But how could you know? You could know if we did a great job if you use our links to third party unbiased training materials.

Wrong - These cuts will rot the branch. This is at a GREYSTAR PROPERTY Nov. 2011

  We have provided training materials produced by the International Society of Arboriculture and other independent experts though this simple online training and testing web page built just for GREYSTAR. We can make it teach your managers anything you want them to know. Request a FREE training video on a specific topic and we will make it for you FREE.

This is the safe place to trim the branch.

Correct trimming looks like this.






GREYSTAR and Risk Management Disaster Service can work to keep the properties safe. Here is some helpful training information.

Adding Value for the resident families makes your lease rates a justifiable value in the residents mind. There are some basic things you should know about trees and landscape so that Greystar properties receive great service when a tree services and landscaper is hired. As a local GREYSTAR team member you likely see the properties the most. Therefor you have the greatest ability to make sure GREYSTAR vendors do a good job. If you were inspecting any tree work we did for you these are the thing we would need to do right. Here are some examples of what some other tree company did wrong. For example we have found improper trimming of trees on some properties that has resulted in killing entire branches or making them weak and hazardous.  (Link to bad trimming.) If you as the property manager spent a few minutes looking at these links showing the right way to do it, you would be able to tell the vendor come back and fix it. We have seen potential hazards that are not reported by the tree services. This means that you are a second pair of eyes. We don’t expect you to be an expert just adequately informed. If you know some basics you can help GREYSTAR show its value and keep its clients, that keeps GREYSTAR at the TOP and that keeps us working.  Please review the information below.

Residents Value Their Safety. Basic Hazard Identification

 Contractors that do the job right are a great value!

Are the vendors providing care-less” or improper tree service at your Greystar property killing your trees, increasing tree failure, eating away at you budget and making things less safe at the same time? Find out here CLICK TRAINING LINK.

A beautiful home is more valuable.  So people feel better about paying their leases when the landscape and trees look pretty and safe.

Are the special pretty trees being pruned properly? Or is your vendor helping you grow ugly trees?  Find out here. Click the example link 1.

Click Here for Actual Grey Star Examples 

What is this thing?

This is nice and pretty and worth about $4000

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?  🙂  LOL!  Review and test your knowledge and make Greystar Properties a safer place to work and live.

Test your knowledge

Knowledge helps us create job security. Lets be the best in the industry.
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