We restored Dickson Azalea Park in Orlando Fl., after Hurricane Charley damaged it. With in 2 hours we provided a crane and a roving chipping crew to clear streets for the people trying to get out of Atlanta when the tornado hit there. We cleared the largest fallen tree that had entirely blocked Edgewood Ave, as well as other blocked streets. We also cleared the tree top that blocked the relief personnel operating out of Station 4, at 309 Edgewood Ave.

 In the 1998 tornado that hit the Dunwoody area, our team was responsible for all, of the approximately 4000 plus R.O.E’s in Dekalb County and Gwinnett County, clearing trees and moving debris. We also spent 2 years in New Orleans cleaning up from Hurricane Katrina. My name is William Lombardo, President of Risk Management Disaster Service Inc., Please call me on my cell at 678-777-7878 if we can be of help to you. 

Our team was also responsible for the clean up of Holly Beach LA., featured in National Geographic August 2006, and approximately 400 surrounding square miles.  We moved over 350,000 cubic yards of debris, and in addition we handled demolition, R.O.E. crews, tree trimming, and curbside pickup.

We are standing prepared to help with just a call.

Our experience will result in a quick recovery that will not require any management on your part.  Once we agree to a plan of action that it.  We will get it done.  


Icestorm 2000

Dunwoody 1998

Carter Presidental Center