“A beautiful thing never gives so much pain as does failing to hear and see it.” Michelangelo

This beautification begins with an invitation to what will be an amazing view of the home. What you have to understand is that a view should not begin in front of the house. The reason is that there is no excitement or welcoming feeling standing straight on to the front when you are only 40 feet away.  This house has an unusual feature. It is an extremely wide street appeal because the home has a lot of frontage. We have a plan to capitalize on it an show the beauty and value of this home.

Proposal Estimate : Kovatch final

The home is to the left in the center of the forest.

As we approach the home you can see the nice ravine that slopes off to the side.  This slope is our best friend because it allows us to trim the lower part of the trees in such a way that we can create an invitation that reaches out to you from afar while maintaining the precious upper canopy that blocks other houses from view.

Currently the house pot out of the woods as if by surprise. We will help it whisper to the approaching visitor.

Look at the picture BELOW.

Here the landscape is super healthy and mature.  BUT. It is matted together like a smear of green.  We will show you how to create definition in the landscape that allows the natural surrounding color from the mulch, porch and any other contrasting plantings to bring the front to life.

This is area simply needs beautiful mulch. Yes we have plenty of beautiful mulch. Our mulch stays on slopes better and is easier to blow leaves off of as you can see from the picture of my customer holding the top shell that forms when you use our mulch.  Yes water passes through the mulch but it stays in place.

Same area needing mulch.  Mulch last 2 to 3 times as long as pine straw.

It could look like this.

This is an after shot of another yard

This is an after shot of another yard

This is an erosion area. We have a pretty stone that will stop the erosion and look great. Its $125 for this zone.

Below is a picture of anther yard we did showing what it looks like after the dirt is covered.  The great thing about the rock is that it slows don the water and lets it gently work its way into the ground with out losing the soil.  The border holds the stone neatly in place.

This is super low maintenance.

A Snow Fountain Cherry is in the island.

More areas needing mulch.  Its great that our mulch will not wash off the slope.

The picture below from another job show how mulch looks from a similar view.

This is the view looking down on the mulch.

Mulch looks great and last.

Here is the right back side of the forest standing on the deck.  There are fantastic specimens in here that could provide seasonal color, but they are lost in the clutter.


This photo shows more of the cluttered canvas that we can set it free just  as Michelangelo said,

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

You can see this beech tree because it has been carved out of the forest. Its speaking! Can you hear it?


This is a tree from another yard that was like yours before.


PDF Proposal for Ed Kovatch Please click here to view the proposal.

A veiw from afar

The picture below is the yard that has not had the benefit of our service.

Another view of a pretty opportunity but not a pretty picture. We can fix it.


There is a sour wood like this in your yard. This one has been brought into view. Yours could be too?


PDF Proposal for Ed Kovatch Please click here to view the proposal.