This property site analysis was provided by forest beautification artist William Lombardo (678-777-7878). The property is very unique in the following ways.

  1. Potential
  2. Tranquility
  3. Privacy
  4. Flexibility
  5. Location.
  6. This is a nice mid way spot on the property behind the pine trees.  Not visible from the street.

    This stand of hardwoods seems to be separated from Atlanta's busy existence. You feel invited to enjoy a moment of solitude when you stand here.

I will explain, then go see it for yourself and see if your experience on the property matches mine.  If you need my artistic support feel free to contact Heather and she can arrange a complementary consultation on your behalf and I will meet you on site. ($250 value  a benefit of working with Heather of Atlanta Fine Homes)



Property Experience Overview

  1. First of all one of its worst first impressions (there are 2)  is actually one of its best last impressions and what sold me one this properties tranquility.  As you approach the property the land rises above the road and is uninviting mainly due to the clutter, but if you will invest the energy and fight some vines and debris, you will discover that the rise in the land that seemed at first to be a nuisances actually creates a feeling of “us and them”.  (Privacy) Meaning that when you are on the property looking back out, the street fades into an “after thought”.  Its like we (us) are separated from the outside world (them) and any cars that drive by are not apart of your living experience, once you are up on the property in the trees. The access at first glance is difficult to climb, but not all of it actually is.  The best access is hidden by huge bushes and would be an easy walk if a path was created.

    Looking in up the hill

    This is steep and uninviting. But it does not have to be that way.

  2. It’s topography creates a natural privacy from the road.
  3. The middle of the property which is not seen from the road, has beautiful hardwoods and rolling terrain. (Flexibility) The spacing of the trees has allowed some to become well balanced making them perfect, as a complement for large windows to peer into a natural looking forest.

    Lower sloping area

    NOT a flood plane. Nice trees

  4. You could have nice walking trails around and through the property, or create amazing water features to compliment the natural flow of the land and still have room to build an impressively sized estate home.

    Bushes need to be removed and a simple entrance installed

    Bushes need to be removed and a simple entrance installed. I would use some boulders at the entrance to bring it alive. This property lacks any invitation to get out and see the best parts of the land.

  5. Conclusion; To allow the property to reveal itself it needs the following.
    1. The property needs to have the first 40 feet deep and the about 70% of the width of the frontage cleaned up at a minimum. A hundred feet would multiply the impact. The property which I passed at first because it looks like highway roadside woods, would appear healthy and feel like improved property.
    2. A walking path is desperately needed because only the adventurous would spend the energy to fight their way in. The path should extend to the street and be introduces at the very least with about 30 feet of mulch to mark and highlight the entrance thereby creating an invitation to explore the property with ease. This frankly is a million dollar mistake because the property must be seen from the inside out to sell itself.


      For this to happen the buyer needs to walk the property.

    3. There is no current view into the property.  This could be changed greatly by removing some huge buses, clearing some underbrush and cutting some dead trees and trashy sapling trees in the front of the property. This must be done following a strict plan that prevents the buffers from being cleared which hide some ugly property from becoming part of the view.
    4. A simple bench should be installed at best viewing point on the property to encourage the viewer to pause an let the tranquility of the property be felt. If a person will sit there for a minute, I believe they will have my experience. I believe their mind will start to drift creatively as they feel what it would be like to look out of a  breakfast window or perhaps their library into the beautiful backdrop. I believe they will take mental ownership at that point.
    5. (Location 1 million miles away in their new back yard) The finale thought that I think will sell the property is when they turn around to leave the bench and Atlanta is nowhere to be seen. SOLD!
    • The required beautification ranges from about $5600 down to around $2500 for this property.