Question 1.

My wife  is concerned about the mulch idea for the back yard.  She is
disappointed that grass probably won’t do well there, and thinks the back
yard will not look very good without at least a little bit of grass.  She
has also heard that bugs can be a problem in mulch, especially since it
will be underneath the play set area.  Any ideas on this?

Regarding Bugs.

The mulch has worked well for me at my house. I have used it for about 5 years. I have always has terminex spray for bugs.  You most likely will have some pest control. That is more than enough to handle any bugs.  But I have not used any pest control over the last 3 years and I still don’t have a problem. Yes I am sure because I just had the house professionally inspected.

Regarding Grass. It is simply an issue of light. If you don’t see grass now that means that a number of trees will need to be removed. We certainly can do it.
Question 2.

What is your approximate markup on the materials for the project?

$0 Once I bill for my crews to be there, I simply do as much work as I can during that day. The plants that I included are part of the deal. So If you want to buy some extra plants you can come pick out what you want at the nursery near my office. The materials are clearly marked. You simply pay the price as marked. You can get your plants anywhere but if you get them at the place close to me I will deliver the plant, trees, and supplies for free since we are coming anyway. I will tell you how many things we can plant while we are there. If you want to by extra stuff for you to plant you can do that also and I will still deliver it for free with the other stuff.  (I like the word stuff)
Question 3.

How many men will you have on the property that day?

Well that depends on the exact work we will be doing. Sometimes I have more machines that men and other  jobs I have more men than machines depending on the work itself.  When we start I go around and mark the trees and locations where we will be planting stuff. Everything is guaranteed to be completed that is marked if it takes 1 day or 10 days and the price is the same. I can answer that question better once we decide on exactly what you are letting us do.

Question 4.

I know this is not something your company does usually, but since your team will be out here, I thought we could get it done. Can you include clearing the roof of the house from the straw and leaves that are up there when you do the other work?

Sure I will do it in this case because your roof seems accessable.   This is different for every house depending on the roof.  This only makes sence if it is done the same day we are there.  This is what I mean when I say we will do all we can. I don’t see and problem squeezing this in.  Now if you add a bunch of plants then that would take away from the time I have to clean the roof.