Emergency Tree Removal in Metro Atlanta

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Tree Crews Inc. is ready 24-hours a day to provide emergency tree removal service, anywhere in metro Atlanta. When a storm brings down a tree that has fallen onto a home, business, property, or road, our crew can get there quickly with whatever heavy equipment is needed to remove the tree, such as a crane. We’ll cover your roof if needed to minimize further damage from the weather. We are a licensed, insured, professional emergency tree removal service with highly-trained and experienced tree service crews who have tackled the most challenging fallen tree disasters that occur due to wind and ice storms.

Emergency Tree Removal at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta

An example of Tree Crews Inc.’s emergency tree removal service is when President Carter faced an emergency at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta.

A storm caused a giant white oak to fall into the lake, just 72 hours before President Carter was to greet special guests arriving from around the world to tour the Presidential Center. Tree Crews Inc. was called to immediately remove the tree, a challenging task since the fallen tree was estimated to weigh 30,000 pounds, and was in the water!

First a tree crew proceeded to cut the tree into sections that a crane could handle. Then it was carefully removed by walking on the fallen tree and in the water to secure it with chains. A special Bobcat A300 was used to move the pieces without causing damage to the grass or disturbing the soil.

After the tree was removed there was still a big stump as seen in the video.  So we recycled it on site.  After the stump was ground, we landscaped the area to restore the beauty by planting a brand new oak tree, roses, and installing mulch. We pressure washed the sidewalks to remove mud.

Yes, President Carter even thanked our crew personally with handshakes and graciousness they won’t ever forget.