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This is what we do with the trees that we trim and cut down.

We have certified mulch for play grounds by special request only.

These pictures are of premium mulch.  It just shows we are capable of a fine consistency.  We can make a coarse and larger chip to the standard you and your customers want.

Here are some of  the questions you would ask about mulch if you were an expert.

  1. Which is mulch better, big chunky mulch that is commonly available or triple ground finer mulch? Triple Ground is better.
  2. What make one mulch better than the other?  Our mulch has about 30% more wood in each cubic yard.  The triple ground cost us more to make than it does for other companies to make the common mulches you buy at places like the Mulch Man or Home Depot. We know this because we weighed both ours and the Mulch Mans on a scale using the same bucket. What was the result? Well, using the same bucket filled evenly to the top, our mulch always weighed 30% more than theirs. The additional wood fibers help lock the mulch together and form a shell that hold the mulch in place. Other vendors will say all kinds of stuff to convince you that their inferior mulch is as good or better that our triple ground mulch. If you will take a few minutes and look at the google reviews and look at the results of the 24 month study we did to prove the holding characteristic of our mulch shown here in the pictures below. We also have independant lab reports that certified the compression characteristics of our certified play ground mulch. You can see the quality for yourself. Well the data speaks for itself.  They don’t have the research we have, but they do make a lot of claims.
  3. Will the mulch harden and stay firmly in place inside my flower beds and on slopes? Ours does. Will theirs?


    Mulch Hardened Standing On Edge

  4. Why does some mulch spread farther than others? Because it is ground more consistently and there is more wood in it.  It is call a cubic yard of mulch like other companies say they are selling a cubic yard of mulch and they may be, but our is denser.

    Here is the proof its different and better

    Mulch shell hanging over and edge.

  5. What colors look good for the longest time? Brown because as it ages it is always in a natural shade of brown.
  6. What make certified play ground mulch different from other wood chips? It has been ground to certain specifications and it responds to impact differently when you fall on it.
  7. Should I keep putting 3 inches of mulch down every year? No.  After you put a layer of mulch down you should try to add only about an inch or 2 at the most in the future years. mulch can spread that thin and I know that other chunky mulches have a hard time spreading out thin but thats why people are using not just because it is lower in cost.
  8. Does mulch help prevent weeds? Yes as much as 70% to 80% if applied c0rrectly.