Tree Removal Overview

Here is and overview of different methods for tree removal.
  1. High Hazard Removal
    1. This requires a highly skilled tree climber amd many times a crane is also required.
    2. We will use large ropes and and friction control devices that allow a groundsman to control the rate of speed that a section of tree is lowered to the ground.
    3. The tree crew will be a multi-person crew because there are many steps that have to occur simultaneously.
  2. Removing a tree in an area where nothing can be damage. Link to 3030 Atlanta Rd Job
    1. This is a similar process to the process use in removing a high hazard tree.
  3. Pine Tree Removal (this will soon jump to a post showing what is discribed)
    1. Pine trees can be topped and then dropped in many cases.
    2. Some trees can be fell as one whole tree.  It is not the tree that determines if it can be fell as one large tree, but the things around the tree that determine if the site is good for that faster removal method.
  4. Oak Tree Removal or similar type hardwood.
    1. Many times due to the fact that the limbs grow out so far away from the trunk these trees may need to be cut into smaller sections and lowered with ropes.
  5. Small Tree Removal
    1. These are either mowed over with a machine or just cut with a chainsaw. Some require securing them with a rope.
    2. Another very interesting method is called hanging a tree.  This involves secureing the tree at the top with a rope, then running the rope over a larger linb that is in a larger nearby tree that is strong enough to hold it upright.  Next we cut the bottom out from under the tree and lower it little by little.  This allows the tree to come down in a very small area.
  6. Saplings and Underbrush Removal MAN-MULTIPLIER
    1. The are cut by hand or mowed over.
  7. Falling a tree
    1. This is exactly what is sound like.  Tie a rope to the tree and pull it in the direction of the fall.  It requires  a special henge be cut in the tree this also helps with insuring the direction that it will go.
  8. Debris Removal Overview. What are the options.

Here are some thing that can majorly effect the cost of the tree service.  What will happen to the debris?

Consider the trunk portion separately. These are the questions that have to be answered to give you pricing options.

  1. Do you want to Haul the Debris? If so, where?
    1. To a landfill? Then there is outside cost.
    2. If there a neighbor that wants the wood?
      1. How will it get there?
      2. Will neighbor get it himself?
      3. Loaded on a truck.
      4. Chip it first?
      5. Dumpster? Then thee is outside cost.
    3. A logger may want the logs.  This is a very detailed part of the decision, small changes can make this a no go.

Or there may be a combination of all of the above.

You could leave it on the property? Where? In the woods? At the street?

Below are some examples of trees we removed.

The Carter Center Presidential Museum

  1. Oak by parking lot
  2. Oak that fell in the lake

The Carter Center Tree Removal from parking lot area. A crane is lifting the branch.

Click Pictures to Enlarge

This tree fell in the lake after some bade weather. CLICK TO ENLARGE
We has to get wet to get this tree out for the President. He stopped by an said thank you. Wasn’t that nice of him to take the time to say thank you to the crew.

Below are few common descriptions used to clearly identify the type of tree removal that is going to take place on your property.

·         Cut Down High Hazard Tree

What is a high hazard tree? This tree has been identified as a high hazard tree.  Its structural integrity has been compromised.  We will take special precautions to protect the people working on the tree. You may or may not find additional notes in bold above this line.

·         Cut Down Dead or Dieing Tree

This tree is dead or dying and should be cut down due to risk and appearance.

The details help a crew to be more prepared to do the right job when they get to your home.

·         Cut Down Hardwood Tree

·         Cut Down Pine Tree

·         Cut Down Bradford Pear