Claims Report File for Adjuster Documentation

Here is the information we document.   Link to Dispatch System

All digital photographs have impregnated GPS coordinates.*

We photograph the house and the mailbox with the address if there is one.

We take a picture of each tree we are to remove from a structure or covered property and we make a clear photograph of tree measurements for each tree.

Tree DBH inches  We take after pictures documenting completion of service.

Finished job

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVerification that property is tarp if tree hit the roof.

We get a signature from the insured stating that they are satisfied with the service provided within the guidelines of the policy.


We provide an invoice.


*After a sever storm some cell phone feature may not be available for example internet or GPS. Our real-time system operates on mobile devices. In some cases date must be sent by laptops once crew returns to hotel or office. GPS photos may not work in those rare instances.