This is an upper medium size crane.

Cranes vary in size and what they are able to lift, as well as how far away from the truck they can lift the tree. They range from small, 12 ton trucks with 60 feet of reach, to 200 ton giant machines with 160′ of reach and enough lifting power to pick up the largest trees.

TreeCrews believes that the right size crane is important.  We are very experienced with all of the issues dealing with rigging and crane work. If you are dealing with an insurance issue and have a claim, we can help you and work with them on your behalf.

Since a lot of crane work is of an emergency work, call 678-777-7878 if you need us NOW.

Emergency Service is available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. You can skip the answering service and call someone within the company to help you now. If my voice mail picks up, leave a message and, not just your number, but an address. You can text someone at the 678-777-7878 number as well.

You will get a quick response.
Job examples
Stats about when and where to use it.
How do I know if its right for my job.
Dangers of choosing the wrong size crane.