• This web page contains the proposal with a job description in a PDF. 
  • Pricing
  • Photographs
  • And a map showing TreeCrews.com locations.


The problem: There are an overwhelming number of issues that occur over a large geographic area when you manage a lot of properties. The solution: Hire an above average vendor that provides you with the same information you normally have to get yourself.

  If you have to send your information to someone who has to make a decision about a property and they will never see the property first hand for themselves.  Then Risk Management Disaster Service and Tree Crews is your solution. See how this proposal presentation gives anyone all the information they need to make a decision just like they drove to the property to see it for themselves.

Accurate documentation ready to be reviewed by all decision makers even if they are in remote locations.

Needs to be cut down

Line Item 1

  • Excellent GPS tagged photographs that accurately represent the scope of work allowing you to make decisions without making a trip to the property. GPS tags  are used as a fraud prevention tool.  If there is ever a question about a location of the photo it can be mapped.  This proves the picture are from the property you sent us to.

Line item 2

Line item 2 second view

Reasonable prices 

            This gets your job done as fast as you say you need it done while allowing us to stay in business to help you tomorrow.

Line Item Detailed Proposals.

            This allows you to choose between options that control your cost.  These exact proposals become the exact work order the Tree Crew will use to do the work you approve.

Simply click on this link an the proposal will open up.  The pictures on this page are for this exact proposal. CWIS Proposal

Line Item 3 We will cut all the standing broken trees as identified by the red circles. These trees are little more than a pole. Picture 4

Nation wide Tree Crews coverage allowing you to use one vendor. There are many more pictures of this project below the map. View Interactive Map RSKMGNT Tree Service and Disaster Service in a larger map

Picture 5

Picture 6 same tree as #5 close up

# 7 Same a #5

Hanging broken branches

#8 is another tree that is close to the house. NOT the same as 5-7

# 9 This tree has a huge hanging top that is broken. Tree #1 has fallen into this tree and has caused the damage.

Part of Line Item 3 These trees are also in the previous picture. This just gives you a better view.

Part of Line Item 3 Additional View. These trees were already shown. This is facing the house. The other picture was from the opposite direction.

This is the other half of the yard. As shown in the previous picture.

This tree is part of what makes the pile shown in the above picture

Additional view. These trees have already been shown.

The large pine is not laying on the ground.  It is about 4 feet in the air.  Shown from the side in the previous picture.

This picture is to help you get an understanding of the usable part of the yard and what the size of that area is.

Best usable area second picture

View from adjacent picture

This should help you to see the drastic slope in the back yard where the tree fell as a result of the storm in Canton Georgia.