Hauling Contract Pays $175 Per Hour Requires Side Dumping Trucks ONLY 5

Risk Management Disaster Service Inc. has been tasked with another emergency response project that starts immediately.
Here is what it pays.
  • $175 Per hour, per SIDE DUMPING TRUCKS ONLY. They run 24 hours a day that is $4200 per day, $29,400 per week, $126,000 per month.  The job pays by the hour.  If your truck works 18 hours and breaks down you get paid for the hour worked. It’s common sense.
  • You should anticipate working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Expect to work for 30 to 45 days.

We use these on levees

Here is where it is.
  • Columbus, Iowa
  • Immediately. First to come, first to work. Our goal is to ramp up in 48 to 72 hours from 7:00 AM July 1, 2011.  That mean that by July 4th we should be fully equipped.
What we are doing:
  • Hauling Only
  • No loading
  • Working on levees
  • You need a foreman for every 3 to 5 trucks.
  • We need 30 trucks to start. If you have one truck, that’s okay. If you have 30 trucks, that’s okay.
If you want to work you must be ready to leave immediately.
To be approved for this project you need to email or text me the following:
  1. You must supply the make of truck, the year model, the capacity or how many tons it hauls.
  2. I want a picture of each truck. Even if it is a cell phone picture. I must know your trucks are real.
  3. I need the city and state that they will be dispatching from so I can calculate the drive time and the arrival time.
  4. I need you to tell me the over all condition of the truck.  Think, ”Is it DOT ready?”
Please email me immediately with a specific list of trucks you have.
William Lombardo

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5 thoughts on “Hauling Contract Pays $175 Per Hour Requires Side Dumping Trucks ONLY

  • Kerry Trest

    How many more trucks do you need? I have a fleet of 25 different types of dumptrucks but no side dumps. However i do have a line on about 5 side dump trailers i can get my hands on in a couple of days.

  • Amanda

    Do you have a need for any Tri-axle dumps at this time? We have approx 30 ready to work immediately.

  • Chris milligan

    Hello, We have a side dump and end dump,and a rolloff with 12 20YD boxes. Please let me know if we can help.