Put your soil back to like it was millions of years ago.

Learning from Natural Soil SystemsIn nature, certain species of beneficial bacteria promote healthy plant growth.  The other benefit to the roots is added protection from soil born diseases. These beneficial rhizobacteria are common in natural settings.  But after the changes to undisturbed natural areas are made the populations are often very low  in our urban landscapes, commercial potting soils, and the landscapes that people install.

BARE ROOTS BEFORE                                                             ROOTS with Mycorrhizal fungi

No Mycorrhizal fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi is a fungus that works like an additional root system for trees, plants and shrubs. By expanding the root system a tree or plant can increase its ability to absorb critical nutrients and water by over 600%.  In the pictures provided you can see a bear root seedling before the Mycorrhizal fungi explodes providing a large absorption area. The picture on the right speaks for itself.  You don’t need to be a scientist to understand what nature is showing you here.

So what should you do? Well add products containing Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria as a part of a regular maintenance program. This will improve your soil fertility and improve your plants’ health!