These would be nice Leyland Cypress trees, but they are too close to the house and are creating a repeat maintenance cost.

Here is an option that would equal zero maintenance cost in terms of trimming and pruning. This will also provide seasonal interest.

There is no need to trim this shrub where we are suggesting to plant them.




These Loropetalum are nice and natural.

You can trim them into a tight hedge if you like.

What is included.

  1. Cutting down the leylands in such a way that we protect the fence and both houses.
  2. Removing the debris.
  3. Delivery and Installation is included.
  4. Plants of your choice will be included. There are a few varieties of these plants and we will explain the differences before the final selection is made.
  5. Replacing the soil to make the installed plants thrive.
    1. The soil is conditioned with water saver crystals.
    2. Perma-till to protect growing roots and enhance water flow.

      This rock has been heated to promote the porous nature of this rock. It improves the migration of water through soil. The actual size it about 1/4 the size of a penny.

This project will cost $3125 – 20% if done while we are in your area. That saves $625 for a bottom line price of $2500.