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15 foot high flames we burned 10,000 cubic yards of debris at this site.

  • Do you have a lot of tree debris to dispose of?  The cheapest way to reduce tree waste is to burn it.  What we do.
    We take large amounts of debris and reduce them over 95% by burning it in super heated low to no smoke fires.
  • How it works.

    We dig a trench, place a large air injecting fan forcing air through a manifold directly into the pit. This traps and burns off most of the smoke and speeds up the fire. This is a 40 foot wide trench. Notice there is no real visible smoke. There is a special fan with a 100 horse power motor blowing air into the fire.  Its fast and there is almost no smoke.



The manifold is 40′ long.  So you can have a large trench and burn twice as much debris as the smaller 20′ air curtain burns.  Our machine is a self-contained and mounted on a trailer.  It is 100 hp, clutch activated blower fan and has a large fuel tank. The manifolds produce a “air curtain” that blows over a trench that you push or dump debris into.

The trench is constructed using a backhoe, excavator or similar equipment. All you do is make a trench by excavating 8 to 10 feet deep in the soil to making a trench that is the as long as the manifold: It needs to be about 8 to 10 feet wide. The trench depth and width should match.

      • Why its better.

        Because it is super fast and releases almost no smoke.

      • What are the options.
        1. Haul large amounts of debris to expensive landfills.
        2. Chip it which still requires a lot of hauling or surface area to disperse the chips.  If they are pine chips they can create pest in forest if spread around pine trees.
        3. Bury it.

The crane with a grapple attachment seen here to the right of the picture, was feeding the fire 24 hours a day.