Unfortunately, based on the condition of the tree, and the uncertainty of it’s long-term survival, removal and replacement may be the best option in this case. See arborist notes below. (located closest to the street, on the left side facing the property from the street)

The dark patches you see are heavy growths of mistletoe. Although mistletoe is thought of as romantic, it can kill a tree. In the case of this tree it will kill it for a near certainty.

(located closest to the street, on the left side facing the property from the street)

There is quite a bit of mistletoe in [the tree above] which indicates that it’s health is declining. Some of the mistletoe can be pruned out, but it would be impossible to remove all of it without cutting off large limbs. Even if much of the mistletoe is removed, it’s likely to return in subsequent years unless the health of the tree is improved. Besides removal of the mistletoe, I’d recommend fertilization (based on a soil test) as well as a borer treatment program. Additionally, if the soil is compacted the tree may require root invigoration.
Unfortunately, based on the condition of the tree and the uncertainty of it’s long-term survival, removal and replacement may be the best option in this case.

Best regards,

Board-Certified Master Arborist


Due to the way the mistletoe impregnates itself in the trunk and branches, the removal process will leave it with a similar appearance to this next photo. So all things considered, “if the tree with major mistletoe survives” for an extended length of time.  It will absolutely look like “the tree of shame”. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND TRIMMING THIS TREE. We recommend removing it.

If it lives it will be weaker

Ugly tree service work

Tree has healthy tops, but it needs deadwood removed and sucker growth removed.


This decaying sections needs to be trimmed of because it creates column rot.

Example of column rot.

If you look at the tree closely you can see branches that are flat on the end. When you see this it means that the branch is dead. These will be removed. It is important that a proper cut is made to allow the tree to callus over the incision. There is a mild amount of mistletoe in this tree as well. We can trim most of it out of the tree without sacrificing the beauty of the tree. This tree is the most valuable of all of the trees as it relates to street appeal and the character of the major landscape.


In all, there will be 5 trees trimmed and 1 that should be removed. Upon your approval. We will proceed as follows.

      1. We will start the safety and beautification  by first trimming the trees near the home.
      2. Next we will file for a permit to remove the tree that is in sever decline loaded with mistletoe. Tree is located closest to the street. All communications with Mark Law the City of Milton Arborist will be handled by our staff. Once the proper permit is secured we can proceed with the tree removal.  We can provide you a copy upon request.
        1. Please read.  How does mistletoe spread? Paul Pugliese is the agriculture & natural resources agent for the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office in Cherokee County. This will help you understand why we feel that not removing the tree as a part of this first phase is a mistake. Also the cost of the removal of this massive tree will cost 50% more if there are any obstructions placed in the way or a lawn that must be protected. We can price this separately if it is a must.
      3. The two large oaks at the street will be trimmed using the same methods as the trees closest to home.  There will be an additional canopy visual unification process.  This refers to the way the trees grow together and present a beautiful vista to the blue sky behind them.  This will enhance their visual impact from the home point of view.
      4. All of the above services as well as an on-site visit by our Board Certified Master Arborist will total $12,500 – We have other work in the area now. That gets you a 20% discount for geographic scheduling, equaling $2500. The bottom line cost will be $10,000.
      • Additional services that you might consider will deal with soil improvement, nutrition, and pest management for the tree.  One thing to note is that as trees are drained by the mistletoe the trees ability to protect itself from pest such as ambrosia beetles is reduced. Therefore, trees as old, large, and under stress as there are benefit from what is called an ounce of prevention. There will be some recommendations that are made regarding protecting the trees from ambrosia beetles.
      • Stump Removal will be about $150 to $300 total. We need to measure the stump.
Dangerous hanging branch

There are many dead and dangerous limbs in the tree. We can safely trim these out.

These 2 trees will be trimmed as needed.

These two trees need dead wood removed and the canopies should be balanced.

This tree needs safety pruning and beautification.

This tree is an exceptional candidate for our beautification methods. It will look great.

These canopies will be used to create a strong contrast between the blue sky and rich green canopy. We will do this by accenting a natural arch that is present in the trees. If you have more questions about this just ask.

These two canopies will be trimmed to flow together.